Tactical Flashlight Clearance Where Can One Purchase

One of the most handy tools to have around
if the power goes out
is a flashlight.
That’s because
make light happens to be one of the more
important things we do with electricity.
However, if the power stays out for a few
those batteries in that flashlight are probably
going to go dead.
If that happens you’re gonna have to find
something else to produce light.
Today I’m gonna show you how you can
make a long-lasting candle
with a few
household materials.
What I have here is a can of shortening
Some people call it Crisco, but this isn’t
actually the Crisco brand.
I have a little bit of newspaper
and I have a jar
to put the candle in.
Now, obviously, you can use a bigger jar than
I’m using a small one here, a one-half pint jar
for demonstration purposes.
Now the first thing we have to do is make
the wick
and to do that we’re going to use newspaper

and I’m gonna tear a piece about 4 or 5 inches
and about a foot or foot and a half long
that will actually be
longer than I need for this project.
Then I’m just going to twist it up.
Twist it pretty much as tight as you can get
without tearing it.
What you want to do is make sure the wick is
just as long
as the jar is tall
and then tear it off. So that’s about right.
so now I’m gonna go ahead and put some shortening down in the jar
and I’ll put the wick in there. What I have to do
is kinda pack the shortening around it, and try
to keep the wick pretty much in the middle.
Once you have it all filled up and have the
wick sticking out the top
just go ahead and light it
and that’ll keep things a little brighter
for a good long time.

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Tactical Flashlight Clearance Where Can One Purchase

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  1. Vegetable shortening was originally intended as a substitute for tallow to make soap. Making candles out of the stuff in an emergency is another good use, but eating it, not so much.

  2. Oooooooooor …. you can just go buy a bunch of cheap candles at the dollar store for less than the price of a can of shortening