7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Clearance Where To Buy At 7:48

  1. Sheesh!

    I was expecting Roy Scheider to show up next to warn everybody about that "maneater!"

  2. I think there was just today a shark that mailed two teenagers somewhere in the carolinas.

  3. As a kid, I'd vacation with my aunt and uncle at Folly Beach and Pawleys Island. One year, I saw a guy in a kayak off in the distance fishing, but whatever he was fishing was dragging him along back and forth. Well, he finally got back to shore, and lo and behold, he had caught about a four foot long hammerhead shark. Dude snapped a couple of pictures of it, AND THEN RELEASED THE INFERNAL BEAST BACK INTO THE WATER. WITH PEOPLE SWIMMING ALL AROUND.

    The shark died, though–it floated belly up and bumped right into me.

    So, naturally, as a ten year old would, I played and swam with the dead shark.

  4. 5 foot shark? Is a Black Tip Shark a vegetarian? The people standing shin deep in the surf must have thought so.