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Dollar Tree hurricane emergency kit survival supplies prepping bug out bag
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper hurricane season is
upon us and it’s not too late to head
out to the Dollar Tree to pick up some
emergency supplies hurricane kit that can help see you
through a hurricane the Dollar Tree is a
great place to think about all kinds of
emergency supplies whether it’s a
hurricane or some other disaster survival situation you can
build your prepping supply bug out bag survival gear a little at a
time ahead of time but if you find
yourself in the path of a hurricane you
still have some warning get to the
Dollar Tree and stock up the things I
would suggest for hurricane survival emergency supplies diy kit you start with water bottled
water you can find bottled water in
six-packs you can also find water in the
gallons sized bottles the gallon bottles of water are
sturdier and those are the ones that I
like to stockpile for all kinds of
emergencies check out the food aisle at Dollar Tree you
may not be able to cook in a hurricane find snacks that
you can open and eat granola bars
breakfast bars energy bars beef jerky
fruit packs pudding packs things foods that
you could just open and eat in nearly
any situation they also have some little
heat up cans like sterno called fancy heat fuel and you
can use those fuel cans to warm up a can of chili
or soup or something like that for a meal
make sure
if you stock up on canned goods foods that you
also get some can openers then head to
the first aid aisle at Dollar Tree stock up on
first aid supplies everything from band-aids to ointments
to Gauze strips and tape lots of Emergency
Situations involve rendering first aid if
you don’t have a good supply of first aid items at home
this is the time to get it get some from Dollar Tree
stockpile over-the-counter medications cough
medicines any kind of medicines and things that your
family would normally want that you may
not already have on hand grab them now
and head on to the hygiene aisle you’re
going to want to make sure that in a hurricane you have
hand sanitizer wet wipes toilet paper
Kleenex and garbage bags to make sure
that you can dispose of those things
make sure you get big garbage bags from Dollar Tree
because after a storm there tends to be
lots and lots of trash debris things to
clean up
get some soaps and cleaners maybe a
broom and some rubber gloves because
storms bring damage and destruction and
messes and you’re going to need some
cleanup supplies and you can find those
at the Dollar Tree if you’re heading
they have rain ponchos and umbrellas
make sure you stock up on those if the
lights go out you can use things like
glow sticks or a little battery operated
candles they also will of course have
regular candles and then you want to
make sure that you get matches and
lighters so that you can light the
things that you have I like to get the
tallest candles because these tall
candles can burn for up to 80 hours that
could provide a lot of light over
several nights that you didn’t have
access to electricity when you look for
matches and lighters the lighters will
come in packs you can also find the long
utility lighters you can find boxes big
boxes and matches or you can find packs
with lots of small boxes I think they
come in an eight pack of small matches
these are strike on the box make sure
you keep them dry and that you keep them
with the box
these matches don’t work unless you use the
strike plate on the side of the box look
for little flashlights here are a couple
that I picked up at the Dollar Tree one
has a carabiner so you can clip it to
something to keep it handy keep flashlights by
your bed scatter them around the house
have a flashlight for everyone and make sure that
you stock up on the batteries that keep
them running you can find batteries and
eight to ten packs if you’re looking for
heavy-duty heavier duty batteries the Dollar Tree
are also now carrying some alkaline
batteries just make sure whatever it is
that what size you need you stockpile
plenty of them at a dollar a pack it would
certainly pay not to run out of
batteries you also need to make sure
that you keep track of your most
important documents you can even look
for a document type pouch at Dollar Tree like this one or you could
use a giant Ziploc bag or even look for
one of their little like a tool box keep
copies of everything important documents in there from your
identification to your medical cards
your car insurance a set of housekeys
passports immunization records all the
important papers how to contact your
credit card companies your bank account
records and your insurance company keep
a copy of all of those items ready to go
for every emergency situation after the hurricane
storm you’ve ridden it out now what
maybe you have some damage in your house
so you might want to have things like
drop cloths and little hardware sets to
seal up broken windows you may want
bungee cords to tie things together and
hold them down you can find those things
on the hardware aisle at the Dollar Tree
you may not be able to run your electric
dryer but if you have lots of wet things
get some rope and some clothes pins you
can hang things out to dry
because the Sun does come out again
after a hurricane and you’ll have the
opportunity to clean up dry out and get
your life back together but you need the
supplies to be able to do that another
thing you might want to pick up is a
sewing kit things get ripped and torn
you can easily put them back together
with a sewing kit from Dollar Tree
cleaning up after hurricane can also
mean damp standing water look for
mosquito coils look for some wet wipes
that are designed as mosquito repellent
you might be spending a lot of time
outside because the air conditioner
doesn’t work get some sunscreen look for
a hat get some clean socks and underwear
you can find all those things if you
don’t have time to do laundry you can
find those items at the Dollar Tree I
also found some aloe vera towelettes if
you do get
sunburned because you didn’t use enough
sunscreen this can help relieve any
burns if you have pets head down the pet
aisle if you’re stuck inside maybe you
want some potty pads for your dog an
extra leash to make sure you can keep
track of him
stock up on some small packages of pet
food keep these together then should you
have to evacuate you also have your pet
supplies ready to go if you have a baby
make sure you have ample supplies of wet
wipes diapers diaper disposal bags and
any food that your baby would need
prepping for emergencies doesn’t have to
be expensive it’s better to do it a lot
of time long before you need it but if a
hurricane is heading your way or you’re
in the path of the remnants of a
hurricane check over your supplies make
sure you have food water first aid
sanitation supplies a way to provide
light and things to repair and clean up
after the fact a hurricane is not the
time to decide to be a hero if you are
asked to evacuate you should always have
a bug-out bag put your supplies together
in a plastic tote and be ready to leave
if you need to keep your car full of gas
cash on hand and pay attention to the
weather report and what the news is
reporting for your own safety and
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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Tactical Flashlight Clearance Where To Purchase

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for being faithful to this. Its been 2 years since I saw your videos. I took a look at my subscriptions and I saw this video.

  2. Thanks! I have been making emergency packs from DT for awhile now. It's great saving money while prepping for safety.


  4. .Having only one usable hand, I only buy canned food that has pop tops, thus, no need for a can opener.

  5. The last relief team I worked with, we went through tons,(or what felt like it) of gloves of all sorts. The thin rubber ones for medical, lots of rubber cleaning gloves and the cotton work gloves and gardening gloves. Loved your list in this video! My daughter is now hooked on DT, so each week we've been taking a portion of our budgets and stocking up on emergency supplies. Your list brought to my attention some things I really should add to my stock. Thanks so much for your timely videos and the help you give.

  6. That's good if you have pets. When desperate calls calls for desperate measures you can eat your pets.

  7. Buy Cristo and use it as a candle!!!! A large can will burn 30 days straight!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Alaska Granny, thanks for the great tips! You are very thorough and practical in your advice. Just don't buy any pet food products at the dollar store. Many of their pet products come from China and can literally poison or kill your pet. You will have to go to the grocery or pet store for that stuff!