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  1. I love when you are talking about sharpening and laugh at your self. Fellow "Knife Nerd" here, I do the exact same thing. Great video Nutn! I need this blade.

  2. Nutn,

    I had a version of the Tool Logic, almost identical except it had serrations on the spine for the fire steel.

    That screw you mentioned, on mine at least, allowed the whole fire steel carrier to be slid off.

    Negative I had is the handle is pretty smooth and slippery when wet. I filed grooves in it to fix it.

  3. There is a better tool logic knife, but it's super rare and there are no videos on YouTube of it. It's a little smaller, no whistle, bit has a tooth pick and tweezers, as well as a smaller fire steal slid in the back through a notch.