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  1. Springfield XDs 9mm: equivalent round counts, equivalent size, great sights, good trigger, aggressive grip, replaceable backstrap for LOP adjustment, rail for light attachment.

  2. I have shot both and owned the Shield. I have no complaints with either of them.

  3. what would be a good way to take some of the recoil out of your pistol I was thinking maybe a captured spring and a steel bar inside the spring would help a little bit what do you think

  4. Good contrast/comparison. I have really tried to like the 43. Just any get there. I agree that the shield trigger is better. I also had issues with the 43 and corrosion and not the shield.

  5. good review. both are great guns. I have both a glock 43 and a new Sheild 2.0 in 9mm with the newer gen shield replacing the glock when it comes to EDC. I had a slight increased preference for the glock because of trigger and bore axis, but the 2.0 shield trigger puts both the old shield and the g43 to shame. combined with the capacity (3 more rounds when you carry the sapre mag, with the factory mags) the shield dominates. with factory night sights my shield was slightly lower orice than the 43 oem (ie terrible) sights. I know people say you can get mag extensions, but I don't have good faith in aftermarket extensions after seeing friends at the range have them fail from time time. On top of that you can get it with a safety and never use it if you like, or be like the 20% of buyers who do want a safety. As we know from the LASD experience, and as documented, 6lbs trigger with no safety can certainly be safely handled, but that even cops have significantly higher negligent/accidental discharge rates, once you get below 7lbs with no safety. it is simply a fact.

  6. glad that you showed that glock the glock is better than the shield however I enjoyed ur hi point stuff it was my first firearm