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Let’s talk about the backpacking gear that I’m done with to a point and
I want to say to a point because I don’t necessarily want to
Totally say this piece of gear I am totally done with and never gonna use again
I’d like to keep my options open and available and so that’s kind of the idea with this particular
discussion and
yeah, let’s just go ahead and get into it so
the the reason that trekking poles
trekking poles fit the list of
gear that I’m done with I in the world would I be done with trekking poles and
The biggest thing is am not 100% done but the the aspect or the
the idea that I am a
Youtuber and I’m carrying a camera with me when I’m out hiking backpacking and doing my outdoor
The trekking poles just don’t really make sense they get in the way they make it difficult to carry a camera and so
unless I am using
A shelter that requires trekking poles and probably just going to carry them in my pack
instead of actually hiking with them
so trekking poles I love them I really do but if I want to continue to
Video the way that I that I want to on my trips and everything
Then trekking poles can’t be something that I’m carrying on my person and hiking with every time I go out
So I am NOT going to be actively using trekking poles anymore and especially now that I’ve got a new camera set up
It’s a much bigger set up more bulky it’s heavier these just don’t fit
that need and so I feel like I’ve been able to get away pretty much this entire
Hiking season without using trekking poles and I haven’t missed them so
Trekking poles you’ve been good to me
But I’ll miss you
Okay so the next item of gear that I am done with is
And rightly so like I just never use them and I have like full intentions to use alcohol stoves I
don’t ever use alcohol stoves and
We got three different stoves here two of them are like DIY and then I’ve got the esbit
Stove and to be honest I just don’t use them I would prefer to use my whisper light I would prefer to use my
Any of my canister stoves my twin master or any of my ollie camp stoves like canister stoves have just been way more
reliable they’re easier they’re more convenience they’re simple
Basic all of that and I feel like there are just so many little things that go into making an alcohol stove
work that I
Just I don’t have any any care to to use an alcohol stove anymore so yeah alcohol stove
sorry, see ya so now the next item two items actually might come as a little bit of a surprise and
Again, I have good intentions and I really really want to make this work but. I’ve spent so much time in areas that don’t have
proper places to hang a hammock
That this is where the sort of comes into play because they don’t want to limit myself to not
being able to use a hammock I really really want to hammock camp and
And so I’m going to make it a possibility for myself to do so but a hammock is a piece of gear that
fits the shelter system that I’m pretty much done with at this point I have had this shell Towey hammock for
like nine ten months
Or something like almost a year and I’ve yet to take it out and actually
camp with it that’s really unfortunate like I’ve been able to talk about me being excited about this piece of gear and
Taking it out but I have not physically slept in this hammock
yet but I’ve
Used it for like day hikes and out car camping but I haven’t slept it in it’s super frustrating for me
It just hasn’t been a convenient piece of gear in what I’ve been trying to do when I’ve been going out on
my trips pretty much done with hammock camping and trying to make it part of my shelter system and a go to
Shelter system for me to use and so I’m not ditching it completely
But a piece of gear that I feel like I am going to ditch completely
because if I if I keep the hammock and I get myself like a
Sleeping pad like a X therm it therm-a-rest NeoAir X therm then I don’t need this piece of gear and it
It makes this I’ve got it more of a multi-use piece of gear this is my hammock gear incubator
40. Degree under quilt because I’ve not used this yet and
That’s a that’s a bummer because. I spent good money on this and I I think it’s a cool product I
Just haven’t used it yet and that’s super frustrating for me this is a piece of gear that
I’m gonna hold on to for a little bit longer and we’ll see if I get out
in the backcountry with it and actually use it but I’m more likely at this point to get into a
sleeping pad like an X therm use that in the hammock as opposed to
Using the under quilt so if anybody’s interested in a brand new under quilt it’s never been out on the trail let me know
Anyway guys that that sums up my
Backpacking gear that I’m done with it’s not a lot of pieces but it’s an interesting
Conversation to have and I would be interested to know from you guys
what your pieces of backpacking gear are that you’re done with you don’t use anymore and
Yeah, share that down in the comments I know this is kind of a unique discussion but I like talking about these kinds of things
Thanks for watching subscribe to the channel if you are not as always guys I hope you have an awesome day
Catch you on the next video see you later

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  1. I'm not ready to give up my hammock just yet…I love both tent and hammock camping, but the hammock is easier on my old man back. I agree 100% with ditching the trekking poles & alcohol stoves. I have tried alcohol stoves various times & always end up spilling them or using more fuel than I thought I would. I love my trekking poles, but I have the same issue…it isn't conducive to carrying a camera. Having said that, they have protected me from eating it on my hiney when hiking on an icy trail. Great video, my friend!

  2. Trekking poles are also fantastic as a tripod for still pics and video as well. They are a critical tool for fording rivers especially during high water periods. And last but not least they could be used as a weapon in a animal or human attack. And that’s besides the intended use but it’s up to each individual to hike his own hike

  3. Some ideas:
    I mostly use my alcohol burner when I'm really planning to have a wood fire but want a backup. I have a Trangia one that keeps a portion of alcohol really well if you just take care with the gasket. The only problem with that is, alcohol stoves are also a really fast and easy way to get a bonfire going and it can't get too full of ash before it fails.
    Then you have those you need to use with a bottle, pouring in and out. I'm rather excited about this design (with some modifications) and want to try it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcUKaHoYEUU

    Trekking poles can be modified to be used as a monopod. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M85j3U4MWGA

    I agree with the hammock issue, and while I haven't gotten myself any hammocks yet, I plan to get hold of one that can just as easily be used on the ground as a sleeping pad, mosquito net and tarp. If it ends up being slightly heavier, the flexibility should be well worth it.

  4. IMHO trekking poles are the vital for keeping your knees uninjured and for extra falling protection (at least for mid aged folks like myself). I always take an alcohol stove (in addition to my gas stove) if I don't know if I'll be able to purchase gas or as a reserve if I run out of gas. The stove and a little denatured alcohol weigh so little, it's worth the piece of mind in colder climate hikes.