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  1. Nice review, I love my TN12 so I may have to add the smaller one to my collection as well, it would be a great EDC on my key chain

  2. Great review, Bryan!  I had to order one as they are just being released by Thrunite.  This should just fit in the Leatherman Charge case on the side.  I cancelled the Maglite Solitaire Led flashlight right after I saw this review.  Your channel is the Best!

  3. 3:25 "point zero four lumens (.04L)". Not the same as "zero point four lumens (0.4L)", which more accurately states the published output in firefly mode.

  4. I bought 3 of these based off your review and glad I did. They are compact enough that I carry it in the small right front pocket of my jeans. It's also been washed several times in the washer by mistake but it keeps working.

  5. Hey Brian, I figured out how to make a "wand" or light cone for this flashlight. You go to a place that sells craft's or model supply's and buy those small cheap translucent one piece eye droppers. Cut the bulb part off  leaving about 1/16" into the angle part going to pick-up tube. Its soft so you can cut with a pair of scissor's. Works great for the Ti1, Ti3 .check it out:):)

  6. Do you think the Ti3 on it's 12lumen mode will be bright enough to clip on a hat and walk down a hiking trail in absolute darkness and still see what is on the way a few yards in front of you? appreciate your time!

  7. Awesome little flashlight! I ordered one from Amazon but it only turned on once at a low beam then stopped working all together. I tried sevral NEW batteries but it still didnt work? Amazon is sending me a replacement so i am hoping that one will be good. 120 lumens in such a small package may turn out to be to good to be true. But i hope not. Nice video.

  8. What battery did you use? I bought one for an older relative and I would like to use Energizer Ultimate Lithium.

  9. Has anyone bought a TI3 flashlight and noticed that the head is loose and wobbles unless it is screwed all the way down? I think the threads must be poorly machined. I bought one on Amazon and sent it back and the replacement that I now have is doing the same thing I can tighten the head all the way down, then unscrew it two full revolutions, and shake the light holding the other end and the head will rattle. This cannot be a good thing. What do you guys think?

  10. Sorry for my rant beloW. Brian, you and your channel are the basis for a lot of my survival choices! And your reviews and recommendation of the TI3 flashlight were the reason I bought it And/or also the reason I'm keeping it even though I think it might be faulty. Keep up the good work man, we all need The help.