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  1. The Ti3 can handle Li-Mn batteries. With a 10440 Li-Mn the Ti3 puts out 250 lumens. Efest might be the best 10440.

  2. Piece of junk! Mine didn't last 1 yr., and when I contacted "customer service" for advice on how to return it, they told me to contact the vendor I purchased it from. What??? Didn't these people make the darn thing? Thanks Thrunite; I THRU with your garbage and lousy "customer service"!

  3. Always great review from gideonstactical, Aaron. In this case I always have the product, know it, and love my Ti3. It goes with me everyday in my office attire. I have even give the Ti3 as gift. Which brings up one item you didn't mention…the metal box. Makes got a great, classy gift for not a lot of $.

  4. i keep mine in my leatherman sheath. liked it so much i gave my sister my first one and bought another. for such a little light, its impressive

  5. had the Ti3, got a Ti (titanium), and was dissapointed. the Ti3 is ok, the Ti has a much worse threads, wobbling around and have to open it much more to saty safe its not turning on/of inside pocket.
    So, useful: TI3, to collect: Ti The only thing better on Ti is the wider beam but same distance/lux.

  6. great review.. appreciate your time… looks like a nice area to camp… so I just ordered one for $15 on Amazon.. I'm actually buying this light specifically for the twist-on feature.. I know it may not be as easy to use as the tail button design, but I can't tell you how many of these little AAA EDC lights i've gone through with the tail button design..and eventually all of them have failed with the clicky switch not working consistently.. the other issue with the tail button design, is if you have it clipped to your pocket, when you sit down just right, it can activate the switch by pushing the tail button against your pants.. causing your battery to drain… So I'm hoping this old school twist-on design (in conjunction with the multi-mode and memory feature) will be more robust…

  7. the fenix Ld 01 and LD 02 as well as the fenix E01 all fit in a 5 hr energy drink bottle to make a really great lantern for your tent or hammock. all these lights are not sold anymore it looks like. will this light fit in a 5 hr energy drink bottle? also seeking similar dia lights 14mm or .55 inches. to do the 5 hr energy drink bottle hack. but hoping to find a light with a tail switch and micro USB charging. more of a modern light.