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  1. I have this light and I absolutely love it. However I did have to return my first one after a few weeks. I keep it in my back pocket so maybe I sat on the function button but it quit working properly. When i switched it on it would come on in firefly and then go to strobe and could not be changed. It was never on in my pocket so I'm not sure what went wrong. It was replaced without any issue and I am a happy camper.
    You mentioned that it comes with a lanyard and replacement O-rings but you forgot about the replacement cover for the power button. The clip is removable but it is not designed to be reversed, although it can be reversed and function as a clip to put it on the bill of your hat. I like to put it on my hardhat at work, but since it it not actually designed that way, it does slip off sometimes.

  2. you should do these flash light reviews in lower light or do a night time test with them so we can see how they truly perform