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  1. Does it show the actual mAh capacity of the cells?. I mnow it shows the mAh going in, but can you just chuck a battery in, and it shows you that your Li-Ion 18650 has got 2350mAh capacity in it?.
    Thanks for the review too by the way, I live just across the ditch in NZ

  2. hello! can this charge an eneloop pro with 2550mh capacity? can this fully charge it at 2550? thanks!

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  4. I Have a Question,
    Does this Nitecore D4 can Discharge Batteries Like Opus BT-C3100 ?

  5. Fakes have a square power socket(4 sided) and the real D4 has a 6 sided power socket.Quickest way to tell other than taking it apart and seeing if it has Nitecore labelled capacitors.

  6. Very disappointed with the misleading specifications, despite it says in the box it is suitable for Ni-MH C batteries, but the true is Ni-MH C R14 1.2V batteries do not fit into the charging bays of the NiteCore Digicharger D4