8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Defense Where To Buy Near Me At 0:38

  1. @grimtriggerman regular city carriers are back by a union, we (highway contract employees) are not…

  2. i got a cheap Chinese ebay pair of ray bans like 4 months ago and they havnt broken on me yet….

  3. I use to delivery newspapers and I had a dog that chased me everyday. Well I started OC'in it and I had to do it everyday for about a month before it got the point to stop chasing me. LOL

  4. Would it be ok to call out in a loud voice to the owner to come out and meet you at the fence???
    If you do not need a signature are you allowed to throw the envelope at the porch like 'Paperboy" (from the Video Game)???
    (You could bring a small empty box and attach the letter to it with a rubber band and throw it right onto the guys porch!)????