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  1. Hello urban, I really liked your survival kit. Top equipment and tools. I am also putting together an EDC kit, but here in Brazil everything is very expensive, especially the blades and the Multitool Leatherman or Vitorinox. Can you help me? Donate something that you no longer use? Can you submit a patch for your channel? I will disclose here. Sorry about my English. I used Google Translator. Thank you. I'm Marcelo Cezário. Rua Dr. Gurgel, 636, first floor, downtown Zip code 19015-140 Presidente Prudente-SP Brazil.

  2. Whistle: In an emergency situation, you have no time to search the whistle in your EDC. Put the whistle on a magnetic connector and attach it to your backpack.

  3. Oh Shit..! I'm starting to think. That bitcoins are real.!! I don't know of any places I could use them here In the States. But that's awesome. !

  4. So versatile, maybe you could put your first aid stuff in a small zip lock bag or something. When you need it just pull "it" out instead of having to dig through all items individually. Really like the idea of pre-paid credit card. 👍Thanks for the opportunity to seeing the content of your EDC pouch.