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hi it’s AlaskaGranny we spend a lot of
time in our vehicles cars trucks jeep traveling to and
from work going to and from the store
even traveling on adventures in the out
of doors in all times of year all kinds of weather we go
camping skiing snowmobiling all kinds of
things hiking fishing you just never
know where your vehicle will end up
taking you how to stay safe prepping so the chances of you being
stranded at some time in your car are
pretty great you may have a breakdown
you may be involved in an accident you
may get caught in a winter storm you may
have a traffic jam where someone else
has had an accident even a flat tire can
leave you stranded for a little while
one of the things I decided to do was
make a small emergency kit that can fit
right in the glove box of my car I
started with the Life Bivy from Go Time Gear
gotimegear.com which is a very large survival type bivvy shelter
sleeping bag for an emergency situation
Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag is over 7 feet tall it’s 6 feet around
it can shield you from all kinds of wet
windy weather and also you can climb
inside and the reflective side of the Life Bivy reflects back 90 percent of your body
heat and helps keep you warm in an
emergency situation this doesn’t have to
be a shelter you just use outside if you
were stranded in your car you could
crawl inside the Life Bivy bivvy bag
it’ll reflect 90 percent of your body
heat and help keep you warm and in an
emergency situation then because the
Life Bivy comes in a nice little
drawstring pouch there’s actually room
in here to include more emergency survival items it has
some paracord with a barrel clasp
attached to the Life Bivy drawstring
sack is an emergency whistle of 120
decibel 100 decibels can be heard nearly
a mile and a half so if you needed to
call for help you could certainly blow
your whistle so you could be heard
there’s actually room in here to include
more items I was able to add several
other tools items that I would want in an
emergency situation the first item I
included is a multi-tool a multi-tool is
better than a knife because it has all
kinds of little gadgets on it that can
help you perform all kinds of tasks it
may not even be larger than a knife but
it’s certainly more versatile the next
item I included was a flashlight my new
favorite flashlight is USB rechargeable
it has a little gadget on the end you
can plug it into a USB outlet including
one that might come built in your car or
you can use a car charger it has a
bright a low light and a flasher that if
you needed to signal for help the
flasher could help you do that you may
want to start a fire so I put in a
cotton ball doused with Vaseline and a
lighter I also included a votive candle
that I could light and set on the
dashboard which would give me a little
bit of light and a tiny bit of warmth in
a cold enclosed vehicle make sure you
carry a written list of your emergency
contacts lots of places we travel cell
phone service is not available and
having a paper copy of your emergency
contacts and your most important
information can be vital all of these
items fit right inside the little pouch
that comes with the Life Bivy you can
see you can load the emergency tools supplies right in the Life Bivy pouch
and there’s even still room if you
wanted to add a few other little things
maybe a granola bar maybe a hand warmer
there are lots of things you could still
decide would be most important to you
your little car glove box emergency survival kit
don’t take chances with your safety make
an emergency kit for your car that’s
small enough to fit in your glove box stocking disaster survival supplies
it’s a good idea to have a Life Bivy for
everyone in your family so that each of
you can shelter in your car in an
emergency situation
you can read more about making a
emergency kit for your car on the blog
at gotimegear.com in the meantime
stock up on supplies so that you’ll have
what you need no matter what comes along
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskagGranny channel

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Tactical Flashlight Definition How Can I Shop

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  1. Hello again, you said that flashlight was your new favorite so I looked it up and it is very affordable. I have not bought a light like that yet because they are pricey. Have you done a video on it ? If not would you consider it? Thanks for all your videos!