4 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Definition How Can We Purchase At 8:49

  1. WTF are you doing giving factory new pistols an alcohol bath or taking the gun apart right out of the box?. You say you've had to "send alot of guns back," Did you ever think it's what you are doing to the guns? Leave them alone,clean and lube after use and quit monkeying with them.

  2. I guarantee smith and Wesson techs are going to find out it was you that screwed up by tinkering with that pistol.

  3. I wouldn't give a 40cal for (2)TWO 45 cal. LEO's Carried the 40cal FOR YEARS….(FOR A REASON) until the little TENDERS started getting Hired on the force & BITCHIN that their gun TO SNAPPY FOR ME!!!! LMAO!!!