15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Definition Where Can I Shop At 8:39

  1. The mini BIC would be a lot more reliable though, as a smoker I usually find with cheap lighters they'll break or stop functioning properly fairly easily

  2. Good tip! I might have to look around for these little guys. I like the Scripto compared to the BIC because you are able to adjust the flame size.

  3. Good find Bubba! They are perfect for my EDC Altoid tins. Work for a long time and cheap to replace. What more can you ask for? Thanx Bubba. SanJoseBob.

  4. go to R.E.I. and buy one of the lighter- torch converters. you stick a bic' into it. and it turns it into a torch, very nice, very effective. use it in wind, water, everything.. idk how much it is, cheap i think