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  1. It wouldn't be a bad investment, but on top of that, I would definitely agree with the guy a few comments below mine, an escape ladder would be an even greater investment.

  2. Actually from the look of the filter design, that mask will provide zero protection in a house fire. If you really want to test this, burn some plastics in a container and you will see real quick how much of a false sense of security these things provide.

  3. Can you wear the Smoke Hood and run (or walk) down twenty floors of stair well ? (Maybe have office on lower floor) tjl

  4. Wow, I tuned in to a video to watch a guy breathe. heheh

    I'm been looking at these as an addition to my office EDC bag. Thanks for putting this to the test.

  5. With all the riots happening, I’m wondering if this mask would protect against teargas? If we get caught up in one of those mobs while we’re trying to drive across town, a mask might be helpful. My wife and I are old, and if we have to abandon our car and walk out of a riot, it would be helpful if we could avoid being teargassed.