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another DIY gear modification video brought to you by Patrick’s Bushcraft
walking along side the road one day I found an empty liquor/booze bottle…
being the recycle type of guy, I picked it and took it home thinking I would find some use for it somewhere…
the bottle is plastic and is 375 mil (about a pint) and is slender in design, so it will fit down nicely into bug out backpacks, haversacks, bicycle panniers, etc…
after realizing that this bottle would be ideal for storing my camping fuels (mainly alcohol, methonal,denatured alcohol, heet, etc)
I then took a closer look at the cap and realized it too, being aluminum,could be used as an alcohol stove !
the aluminum cap (that goes on the bottle) is a small diameter which I found to be much efficient that the common penny can stoves
the only requirement for using the stove is remove the inner styrofoam seal and replacing with each individual burn or cooking session
and for a stand (in this video) I used 3 tent aluminum Shepard Hook type tent stakes that I use for my tarps,tents,shelter systems, etc
the white color of the bottle is a little bit transparent, so I can easily see through the bottle to see the amount/fuel level inside
I also carry a small stainless steel pan that will also work on this stove system…
I’ve since made this fuel storage bottle/stove system a permanent part of my kit after realizing I could cook regularly as I normally do for 10+ days in a row!
so recycle yourself a plastic liquor bottle with aluminum cap and add the system to YOUR bug out bags and backpacks!

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Tactical Flashlight Dicks Where Can One Buy

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  1. I use a liqour bottle for my alcohol fule as well. It has never leaked something i cant say about other bottles nice video atb John

  2. Great stuff Patrick, thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to try one out myself as a quick backup for my micro wood burning stoves. It looks so simple. Why do you think most alcohol stoves are so much more complex? do you think that the burner cup must be aluminium or would other metals work? Might have to take up drinking.Thanks again Tim.

  3. i use my empty flat type vodka bottles for water,, fits great in bac pocket or two pr cargo pocket

  4. Hi Patrick, here is a link to my version of your alcohol burner https://timtinker.com/backup-alcohol-burner-ultralight-blower-stove/