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  1. I don't know why you brought us along on this ride, Don't go in "Bad neighborhoods", anyone lives there could ask,"What are you doing here?" and for good reason

  2. my suggestions– If you do not need to drive thru a bad neighborhood then stay out. Avoid decoys!! For example a man laying on the road pretending to be inured, or anyone doing something that most people would stop for and offer help. Don't fall for that trap. Keep driving and call the police, let them check it out. Get your windows tinted. If they can't see inside of your car then they can't see you too well. Many criminals will not approach a car with tinted windows. For all they know you have a gun pointed at them. If you are unable to drive due to people surrounding your car and if you think your life is n immediate danger, you will need to use your car as a weapon. Press down on the gas pedal slowly and move. If this doesn't make them move you will need to drive , even if it means running some people over. It's your life or theirs. All too often people freeze and just remain idle thus making them a target. They will be no match for a car or truck.