11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Drop In Pill Cheap Discount Price Buy Here At 16:38

  1. thats a colman machete from walmart yeah? you better buy a new one those things bend and snap and are blunt out of the box. Bola machete gerber never had dramas with it yet

  2. I like the bag, it pretty much covers everything… twice. I think that redundancy gets heavy though and takes up room needed for food and water.

  3. Hey look everyone it's a maxpedition typhoon wanna be bag besides that decent kit

  4. 30/30 is a good choice. Not only is it powerful enough, and compact, but, if you had to reload the 30/30 was originally a black powder cartridge. Worth thinking on.

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  6. I keep a .22 LR rifle and handgun in mine, uses the same ammo, over 500rds of ammo, life straws, fire starters of various types, first aid with emergency blankets and such, flashlights, solar charging, battery banks, HAM radio that is also programmed like your basic radios, tarp, etc…

  7. So not only do you have a rifle in your go bag but also a handgun? Wow, no wonder the US has all these mass shootings.