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Welcome to another riveting installment of
my multitool saga series, today’s put it
on in a background tab type entertainment
is a detailed examination of each of revision
of the Leatherman super tool, uh tools.
In order to draw it out as long as possible
I’d need all three revisions right?
You’re in luck because That means we’ll
be looking at the original Super Tool, it’s
exciting revision the Super Tool 200, and
what we’re at now- the Super Tool 300.
The reason why I find older Leathermans still
relevant other than they’re cheap channel
content, is that they basically have that
25 year warranty and eBay is a great place
to score a lightly used, heavily abused, or
even a broken Leatherman at a decent price.
If it’s broken just send it in and they’ll
fix or replace it.
Or just ask them to tune it up if it’s loose.
All you’re out is shipping.
This is still much cheaper than a lot of the
folding knives I review on the channel- and
also the Victorinox Swiss Tool- which no one
seems to want to let a used one go for under
$60 or so.
Which is understandable because apparently
they’re unbreakable, way lighter, have more
tools, and feel better in the hand then any
Trust me bro.
I want to say I paid about $60 for all three
of these.
This review, other than taking two hours to
upload and 7 hours to edit, will examine mainly
the current model the 300, and we’ll start
out my doing some basic dimensions of the
Super Tool 300, and not any of the others,
although if I did that I could probably make
it a full 20 mins- which would make it my
best review yet!
First let’s look the the weight, and weight
of the leather sheath that I have for this.
There are quite a few sheath options available-
this is an all leather black one.
The closed Length, width, and thickness.
Note this is a much bigger tool than the PST
and Wave.
Now the open length, and the grip area for
the pliers.
Kinda Surge sized.
Remember when Surge came back.
Yeah that was stupid.
Blade size, cutting edge, spine, and uhh total
Are soda reviews a thing.
I’m sure they are.
I mean people spend 15 minutes talking about
pocket knives.
Sorry I meant pocket knife.
And the length of the other blades- this is
not the cutting edge.
Alright so somewhere in 1994 Leatherman says
this is America we need to make a tool to
reflect American values.
Which is bigger and more of something.
I want people who carry Swiss army knives
to feel some goddamn shame.
Plus the Swiss are communists.
Mr Leatherman.
I assume Tim Leatherman talks like the Disney
charter Pete.
They came up with the original Super Tool,
which was the first Leatherman, correct me
if I’m wrong and I know you will, the first
Leatherman tool with all locking tools.
And finally something America sized.
Although the way they locked was kind of awkward
compared to the more advanced mechanisms nowadays…
It was larger than the PST but had that nice
clean look when closed.
As such the basic formula was set into stone
for all future super tool revisions.
Big, all stuff locks, it’s uhh plier based,
and the tool needs to be opened to access
any of the internal tools.
So looking closer at the first generation…
you have pliers of the needle nose persuasion
with wirecutters, and a crimper underneath.
The internal tools are as follows- to new
viewers I am in fact married.
And not to a real doll.
A 3 inch ish standard blade, actually a slightly
smaller cutting edge over the Leatherman Wave.
An awl, a medium flat head, a large flat head,
and a double sided file with also an edge
Other side you get a serrated blade that’s
kind of pointy, a beer slash can opener…
I mean not a beer can opener, a bottle and
steel can opener, which on a Swiss army knife
that’s two different tools and 2 is better,
on a Leatherman it’s the same tool, philips
head, small tweaker screw driver, and a Goddamn
If there’s a bastard file their should be
a goddamn saw.
Of course all of my tools are goddman when
I can’t remember where I laid it.
So let’s look at how it locks up… click…
and to unlock you need to bring a second tool
out and it raises the lock mechanism to close
If you’re stupid and open all the tools
at once- like someone filming a youtube video
might, you’ll need a separate flathead screw
driver to raise the lock bar like this, to
close it.
Now on the second revision the super tool
the biggest change was an improved locking
mechanism, that has a slight rattle to it…
sorry tactical bros.
It made the tool thicker and added these side
locking things that kind of stick out and
may catch on your sheath.
But basically you take the tool out it locks,
and when your done playing with said tool,
pull back on the lock thing a ma jigger with
your hand, unlock and close.
It’s a sort of strong pull back.
There are a few tool differences too, which
sadly I’ll point out.
All tools are laid out the same in the 200
as the original.
The tools on the side with the file and straight
edge blade are identical on the 200 and original
(nerd voice could you go over them again anyway),
however th are 2 differences on the other
side for example… the serrated blade does
not have a pointy tip and more like a sheeps
foot style… meaning it’s safer for cutting
close to humans or inflatable humans when
removing something like a seatbelt… you
aren’t going to accidentally deflate your
girlfriend if you remove her from a burning
car and have to remove her seatbelt.
The only other difference in tools is this
one adds a lanyard ring… you have to open
from the inside push it through the handle
because it goes the opposite way as the other
This tool when using the pliers is more comfortable
than the original Super Tool because the tops
of the internal tools are rounded better as
are the handle edges.
I want to say that this is even more comfortable
to hold and plier things with than the super
tool 300.
Which is the current model of the super tool…
Like the prior versions…
This tool is big and locks, and the furniture
has really been rearranged.
The big one being the improved lock release
They’re a simpler design and easier to release
tools than the older versions.
Just press with the thumb.
Up top, you get those replaceable 154 Cm steel
wire cutters, which is helpful if you are
putting up a fence at the ranch.
That also means the plier head is wider, and
a little uglier if you ask me.
Which is a real endorsement coming from a
guy putting up a review of a tool on website
with 1000s of hours of Chemtrail related content.
The tools are mostly updated although laid
out the same ish.
On the straight edge side you get a blade
that looks to my eyes to be a half an inch
longer than the super tool and super tool
200s blade.
The cutting edge on the older versions is
about 2.55 inches, and the cutting edge on
the 300 is about 2.85 inches.
Blade steel on the 300 serrated and straight
edge is 420HC like many Leathermans.
I couldn’t find solid information if that
was the steel used in the original and 200.
You got an improved awl with a hole and a
sharper edge.
I say it’s improved because it looks like
it has been, another great opinion from a
man who has used an awl on his multitools
2 or 3 times in his life, and also in his
late 30s making youtube videos.
The Large and medium flat heads are now wider
with thicker edges than the prior versions.
Then you get the lanyard loop, except it opens
the way all the other tools do now…
And then the file which is curvier and has
updated texture.
I am not a file expert, but if you are, here
are some side by side shots of all three,
one side first and then the other.
We have to be at 10 minutes right?
The other side sees a new saw with a thinner
side profile and I dunno more curved.
The tiny tweaker screw driver which is a favorite
tool on my original Leatherman and the Wave
bit driver has been replaced by flathead about
twice as wide.
Shame on you Leatherman.
Philips head screw driver is close to the
same size but a different design.
It’s a fraction of an inch longer and seems
thicker in the neck on the 300.
Bottle slash can opener and then the serrated
blade which has been updated again.
How about some visual comparisons of all the
First closed, all laid out.
Nerd porn.
I mean tool nerd porn.
And important distinction of type of nerd.
How about the thickness… that’s two Cs.
There’a a nerd for everything.
Pliers out and their home is Youtube.
Not too shabby 300 has a thicc head.
All tools open?
I feel like we need this shot.
And the straight edge blade open.
And now each tool side by side!
Just kidding.
Cool comparisons… yeah there’s more.
We’ll stick to the 300 though.
The 300 is probably the best of the 3.
However the handle isn’t quite a comfortable
as on the 200, even though the edge is rolled
further on the inner handle, your hand still
rubs on the edge during especially vigorous
tool use sessions.
I wish it maintained the tweaker screw driver
and had a deeper rounding on the handle, then
I’d like it a whole lot- not enough to carry
Because it’s too bulky on the belt and heavy.
I prefer a smaller foot print in a tool like
the Wave or PST.
Now the Leatherman Surge.
This tool is better than the Super Tool in
my opinion… this is the older version without
the replaceable wire cutters- that the new
Surges have.
The handle has a nice rounded edge, a significant
improvement in comfort over the Super Tool
The blades are accessible from the outside,
it has scissors, bit drivers like the Wave,
although you do have to switch out the saw
and the file which is weird.
Now the Leatherman Wave… it and the surge
are similar in their function, but this is
a lighter, smaller belt carry.
Since I don’t own a ranch, or don’t work on
a big rig… you choose rig type… a smaller
pair of pliers is just dandy for me.
Functionally I don’t feel like I’m losing
How about the PST.
Since the original Super tool and PST were
out around the same time.
Yeah how about that…
Now functionally speaking the Super Tool has
more tools originally than the PST… so other
than the size I think it’s a step up, plus
all the tools lock brah.
That is if you need the extra tools like the
saw- I’ve been told more tools is always
The Supertool is missing scissors though,
and i use those quite a bit.
I mean so is the original PST.
Maybe it’s not better.
Maybe that’s why I spent hours of research
and arrived at the Wave and skipped the Super
Tool- until I had a Youtube channel.
Anyway, as far as what else to say I don’t
If you need a good car multitool, one for
the shop, or a spare one, or collect things
that really don’t need to be collected…
these are all good values… many of the super
tools have plenty of time left on their warranty…
check the date code on the inside of the handle…
Leatherman has been known to fix tools outside
that area… but no promises.
The Super Tool on the used market is a pretty
good value- if you look you can find the 100-200
for under $30…
The Super Tool 300 for about 40.
If you asked me which one I prefer…
I say probably the 300?
But since I only paid $50 for a used Surge
on eBay, and if I needed a large multitool,
I’d get that one…
my advice would be to shop used for a surge
instead of buying a new 300, because you might
find a better price, and it would still be
under warranty.
Anyway if you like this review, and wonder
why I still haven’t reviewed a charge yet
subscribe to the channel- I need more subscribers
to be able to afford that stuff- give the
video a thumbs up, leave a comment, thanks
for watching.

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8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Drop In Pill Cheap Prices Buy Here At 12:45

  1. LMAO!! Great video! First one of yours I’ve seen. I must be lonely, I already subscribed. I have the original and the 200. My 200 is pristine. Why? Because I’ve never used it. I’m a Victorinox guy.
    BTW, I had a chuckle at the end. You were using the can opener backwards. On that design you pull the tool toward you. A can opener should always move toward the sharp edge. 👍🏻

  2. The wire stripper at the base of the can opener is much safer to use when removing the wire sleeve than going round it with a blade!

  3. The ST300 is Made in China, hence the abscence of USA markings in the tool.
    The Original Supertool is my favorite; Great ergonomics, Light Weight, Classic Chasis.

  4. Because of you, I just remembered a time when i was a kid and I opened up all the tools on my dad's leatherman and he took it away from me and had to close it with something else. Thanks.