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  5. While in the U.S. Army. I took 4 big towels with me in the field. Mosquitoes. I would wrap the towel around my head and expose only nose and mouth. I slept like a baby. Also towels keep you warm and dry from rain. The list is long on towels and how to use in the field.

  6. If it rains you will go so soaked in that poncho hooch. I’ve used poncho hoo he’s for decades and I can tell you that if you don’t secure the head of the pinch by pulling it away and securing it the hood will fill up and invert.

    As for the fire bow it would be much easier to carry marches, a lighter and a ferious rod or steel and flint. Cute bows require a fairly large expenditure of calories to start a fire and are much harder to use than anything that I’ve mentioned in the previous sentence.

    Your sleeping bag is a good idea. I like that you sewed it so that will stay closed. You get points for that.

    I’m not just some yahoo that likes to slam people’s preps, I’m a former Special Forces operator and they trained me in all sorts of survival skills. And I just plain get my kicks out of practicing bushcraft.

  7. Lilly, I know your from Austria, but you don’t seem to say where you are camping. Please share….love your dog!

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