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  1. Smart move using that knife, has many uses other than just a blade and its better to use what your used to. I have the "trekker" as my edc. Big knives are not legal to carry in some states. I would have picked the same 3 things you choose. I have a canteen and cup though, I'm in florida though, water everywhere so I don't need so much storage space for water. Good video, keep them coming.

  2. 32 vs 64 oz? weight! Ya can always take a zip loc freezer bag for extra water storage.

  3. I could listen to the intro music all day long. I like your choices and they apply to my area in Northern Arizona. JYF video, a great way to start the day. May I ask who does the background music?

  4. Outsanding choices! Due to your experience in the field I bet you had no problem coming up with those pics. Shelter can be made or found, cordage made or found, having a fast fire and reliable long term fire method like that huge ferro rod for cold desert nights is better than carving a bow drill set so you can carry a blanket or coordage. Plus your knife has a saw blade for notching etc.. I like the leatherman surge got to have the pliers for wire work. I agree, Those are for sure the TOP 3 choices for down here in the chijuajuan desert southwest if you are only limited to 3 items of course.

  5. I like the way you get into character in your vids. But…are you being a survivor, a grey man, or a ne'er do well prowler?

  6. I'd rather have a leatherman on me for urban environment. Still get a cutting tool plus the pliers and wire cutter which can be very handy.