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  1. Axe, tomahawk, survival knife: each blade has its own unique capabilities. In my humble opinion; to be prepared for the worst case scenario, first get yourself a descent "survival knife". I would without doubt recommend the highly acclaimed Becker BK7. Good steel, affordable, unbreakable & reliable (the best blade I have ever owned). Secondly, a larger blade i.t.o. cutting surface: be it machete or tomahawk (for bigger jobs and more aggressive defense capabilities). I personally prefer a machete over a tomahawk because a machete is more versatile, and recommend either the Smith & Wesson Bush-hog kukri or the Kershaw 14 inch machete. Thirdly is an axe. I I would go for the Schrade SCAXE2. Remember, these are all light-weight & affordable carry survival gear. Things you strap to your backpack. I would actually replace the large blade/axe combination with a Cold Steel Village Parang (it can do both jobs impressively – cutting & chopping). You will notice that each and every item mentioned is full tang; you must insist on full tang). If I could only carry one blade, it would definitely be the Becker BK9 (the ultimate multi-purpose knife in existence for the price).

  2. Watching you chop those logs makes me want a folding saw. Lighter weight, quicker, less effort.

  3. Used a dogwood maul head on a piece of pipe to drive metal wedges to split other hardwoods ! Yes, it is Very hard !