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  1. Don't worry about that idiot using the "bot" thingy, whatever that is. He's just a loser nerd with nothing better to do but be immature and nerdy. 😐

  2. I've heard a lot of stories, and product recalls in regard to safety issues with the Bear Grylls range. There have been numerous accounts of handles and blades breaking on various knives within the range. More thought went in for the look of the product and profit than the quality of the build. They are quite expensive for the unreliability of the products. If you are looking for good quality, but inexpensive Mora of Sweden have a very good reputation and build quality.

  3. A note on food. Another channel called hungryhammockhanger has a few meals he shows to cook and dehydrate for a more economical verson of mountain house n such. Helps in the load department as well. But requires a cozy for rehydration out of a heat source (fuel saving)

  4. I use a coyote tan 4L dry bag to collect the water and a olive 4L dry bag some times for filtered water. Cliff bars, bagels, bannock, cheese, crackers, summer sausage, choc cookies, apples, Hot choc or cold works for me, or Jello drink, for other than supper. For supper pasta or rice with meat fresh, canned or dried. I use either a GI cup and sometimes an old 1L alum pot. If I know the first night can have a fire I will make and bring a foil meal. I usually hang my food but am considering a Ursack that Shug Emery uses. Great vid.