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  1. So, just wondering, how do you feel about this product two years after posting this? The price is quite low so I am wondering how well it has stood up. I am looking for a quality tarp to use as a cooking shelter–my main shelter is a Hilleberg 4 season tent. A couple of questions–is this silicone, or PU coated? I know you said silicone, but the Chinook tarps on the website you mention say PU coated. Also, Chinook shows a 7'x10' size on their site but the site you bought yours doesn't have them–so I am wondering where I could find that. 7×9 is probably big enough for cooking. One other thing–do you know the weight on this tarp–thanks for any info.

  2. You guys got lucky. These look like good tarps and lots of people use them but they must be out of business.

  3. Weird, i have the same tarp, but mine doesn't have the center grommets (the ones you have your ridge-line through). Plus the center pull-out is on the underside (it is underneath because its on the opposite side as the brand name printed on the tarp). Anyone else have this (defect maybe)?

  4. I am too rocking my chinook with my hammock~ so much space ubder, even when raining… Cooking and hanging out and all.

  5. I know it has been a few years since you did this video but found that Chinook is still around. Purchased one today from jet.com for $31 and change. The 12 x 9.6 in sand. There are no green ones avail right now. Did notice prices rising on these in that last day or so. Was gonna wait for the green but decided to grab one in Sand (tan) while the offer of $31 still stood at jet.com. How has yours faired after all this time? Still around?