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Walmart prepping must have emergency
prepping supplies prices walmart Alaska hi
it’s AlaskaGranny why am I a prepper and I think
why most of us are preppers is to be self-reliant
to be able to take care of ourselves prepping
is about making your life easier you have less
stress and less worries if you have thought about
the challenges that are likely to come to all of
us at some time in our lives it’s important for
all of us to have prepping supplies can you find
the prepping supplies at Walmart what should you
buy them there well if you think about all of the
different areas of prepping everything from food
storage to having enough emergency water on hand
you need first aid supplies you also need to think
about if you had to leave your home do you have
something to make a shelter maybe even a tent
a way to sleep that you’re warm and comfortable
everything from an emergency survival blanket
to a sleeping bag you need to have a way to heat
your food provide light if there’s a power outage
you can look for a lot of these kinds of things
in Walmart and you can find most of the things you
could want in the camping and outdoor department
not only do you need to be able to start a fire
you also need to protect yourself from fire
make sure that you have working smoke alarms
and fire extinguishers Walmart has a lot of
emergency type foods that are dehydrated and
they can last for 25 to even 30 years you
can find the Augason Farms usually in the regular
grocery department but in the camping and outdoor
gear you can find Mountain House meals you can
also find some entrees from Backpackers Pantry
this is where you can buy a variety of
freeze dried emergency meals that you like
and if you look at some of the food varieties some
of the Backpackers Pantry meals are even vegan
and gluten free the Backpackers Pantry meals has
some symbols right on the front that tell you this
you can also find freeze dried emergency meals in
number 10 cans of dehydrated meals from Mountain
House and even multiple day buckets of their food
as well these are all really delicious I’ve tried
lots of the Augason farms the Backpackers Pantry
and the Mountain House meals these are all good
choose the flavors of foods that would be
something that you would like that suits
your taste we need to store water for emergencies
make sure you start with some grab and go water
bottles right out of the grocery department but
then you can find different containers that you
can store more water they have some collapsible
water storage containers that are great if you
want to go camping you fill it up before you
go but for emergency uses you should keep these
stored full of water at all times so that you have
additional water on hand they have narrow water
storage containers they’re by Ozark Trails
but they’re marked Reliance I have bought some
of these before and they all leaked along the
seam on the bottom so I do not recommend these
I like the Aquatainers they’re great big
heavy duty blue water storage containers
I use them out at my Granny Camp my Alaska
off-grid cabin I drag these around they get
bounced around in the back of the truck
and they hold up for years choose a water
storage container that’s going to be sturdy and
actually last and hold the water that you need
you need a way to purify water it can be as simple
as a bottle of bleach you can add the drops that
are required you can buy the tablets that you
drop in water you can also get a water filter
like this Life Straw water filter there are many
ways to purify water lots of different kinds of
filters make sure you have a few of those items so
that you’ll have the fresh drinking water you need
there are many different emergency and camping
stoves find one that fits your needs your price
point and then make sure you have the correct
fuel for it I have not seen any butane fuel
here in Alaska for many months but they have lots
of propane so if you buy say a butane stove make
sure you have lots of extra fuel and the same if
you buy a propane stove have some kind of outdoor
cookware flashlights lanterns candles and a way
to light things like stoves candles and fires
glow sticks can be an easy way to add
extra light in an emergency situation
and they’re safe to have around children
because they can’t set anything on fire
how are you going to stay warm in an emergency it
might be as simple as having a few hand warmers
perhaps you want an emergency blanket or even
an emergency bivy bag made out of the silver
survival type blankets look for Mr. Buddy propane
portable heater it’s safe to use even indoors
do you have something you can make a shelter out
of if not perhaps you want to get an inexpensive
tent you can buy a small tent for one person four
persons there are all kinds of sizes of tents
that you can buy then in a real emergency
when you want to get a good night’s sleep
having an actual sleeping bag can make all of
the difference but you want to look carefully
sometimes they’re rated to 50 degrees sometimes
they’re rated for 40 degrees sometimes they’re
rated for 20 degrees and they can go all the way
down below zero what you need to figure out is
what is the coldest temperature where you might
be staying outside if you’re somewhere below
freezing a 50 degree sleeping bag is not going to
keep you warm you want to get the highest quality
sleeping bag that goes to the lowest temperature
possible and you can always get a sleeping bag
liner that helps give you extra protection if you
should have to be in a very cold area make your
sleeping bag work better with a sleeping bag
liner every prepper needs a first aid kit you
can find them right in the outdoor gear area as
well as in the pharmacy first aid area of Walmart
look for extra first aid supplies trauma kit and
bleed stop because if you have a severe injury
you need to be able to take care of it so get a
basic first aid kit but then add to it components
that you think you really could use plastic lids
you ask yes toilet seat cover if you have lost
your running water you may need an emergency
toilet you can buy just the toilet seat lid and
snap it onto a bucket that you already have
and sometimes you can find portable toilet
already assembled like a Luggable Loo look
for tools in the Walmart camping section
because in some survival situations you may need
a shovel you may need a saw you may need an axe
maybe even an emergency sewing kit you can even
find some sturdy knives for only one dollar
in the housewares you can find tarps and ratchets
for building shelters or covering piles of things
and even a collapsible bucket every prepper needs
a bucket and having one that can collapse and
take up less room in your supplies might be
something to consider as a necessity Walmart
also has some already put together emergency
kits you can see they come for four person
two person and one person and if you read on the
supply list it may not include everything that you
need so buying emergency gear that’s already in
a pre-assembled emergency bug out bag 72 hour kit
may seem like a good idea but it may not fulfill
all of your needs it can be a great place to start
because now you have a bug out bag you have some
of the equipment with it and you can fill in with
other things that you need i think every family
member should have their own bug out bag you
can spread out each person is responsible for
their own supplies then if you get separated
you don’t have all the food in one bug out bag kit
all the emergency blankets in another 72 hour kit
you have all of the useful items you would need
in each person’s get home bag kit everyone needs
some emergency food water and first aid in their
emergency kit a bug out bag doesn’t have to be
a bag they had some really cool very sturdy tool
boxes that are rolling on wheels that could hold
a lot of gear and because they’re designed to hold
tools they’re extra sturdy if you’re low on useful
tools you can even pick up a whole set of tools
that can get you started prepping to having the
things that you need to handle the emergencies
whether they’re in your home or when you’re away
from home walmart has all kinds of emergency
survival prepping gear must have supplies look
around the store think creatively what can I do
to meet the needs of all the different areas of
prepping from food water first aid hygiene shelter
tools emergency cooking staying warm and lights
there are many different prepper gear categories
many different emergency supplies and you can
probably find just about anything you want at
walmart so yes are the walmart prepping supplies
worth it many of them are you don’t have to buy
very expensive gear to have the basics that you
need for any kind of an emergency situation there
are so many small challenges that we’re likely to
face on a day-to-day basis and probably some big
ones that could be very uncomfortable but we can
get through it if you remind yourself of the small
challenges you face it helps you realize you’re
stronger and smarter and better prepared than you
think you are the things you faced before have
given you creative ideas and strength that you can
do even more when the next challenge comes along
if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share
it with someone else you think might like it
learn more at alaskagranny.com and please
subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel
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  1. I am sure your Walmart in Alaska has more supplies than ours does, although they have some – I will go look again! I have 2 collapsible water jugs, many plastic gallon milk jugs (which are old, so will use to flush toilet if necessary – the plastic breaks down), and many 16-oz glass drink bottles – I fill them all with RO filtered water. I put the glass bottles in a plastic bin-type container in case the bottles break (this is in my house). How often do you replace the water in your water containers?

  2. I wouldn't buy a neon orange bug out bag, in a populated area that could make you a target.

  3. I recently watched a couple guys compare 4 different freeze dried meals, itโ€™s was very interesting the difference in how to rehydrate, and especially the taste or not. Sleeping bag liner who knew๐Ÿ˜ƒ