8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Facebook Where Does One Buy At 1:38

  1. Have you looked at the torch by "wicked laser " only 4100 L but claims to start fires.

  2. All good points, but everything has up sides and down sides. The down side of a light is that it makes one heck of a good target. Light always works best when you aren't holding it in your hand.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N01NlH3R5pI – their new light is out , TN40, even more crazy and better blinding power with the focused beam

  4. Bought one based on your review. Put it in my amazon wishlist a year ago after watching your video and pulled trigger yesterday when a lightning sale offered it at $159.99 usd.

  5. Isn’t it accurate to say…. that utilizing a highly powered flashlight causes the night vision to be obsolete??? Bc if someone is in a building wearing night vision and someone jumps out shining a high powered flashlight… it incapacitates being able to see and the person with night vision has to remove his/her device immediately. Agree???? 😌