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  1. thanks for providing all the different results. it was (drum roll please) 'enlightening' [now you know someone had to say it 😂]. back on track… I do appreciate you going through all of that as it does provide a lot of excellent info in a very short frame. thanks for doing it & please keep up the good work.
    stay safe keep warm have fun and whittle to keep your sanity ;-)>

  2. I know this is old, but dang it's good stuff.
    The milk jug trick really produces some light, good area lighting solution in an emergency, while still saving on weight and space.

    Would not mind seeing someone get crafty and build a flashlight lamp shade, maybe get some flexible wire, colored paper, some glue and turn one into a make shift lamp, just a bit of a morale boost and touch up in a power out scenario.
    Could keep kids busy too as a project.

    Though the milk jug works in a pinch if outdoors.
    Pretty cool stuff.