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Hello! I’m Robert Lisac. Today I’m going
to show you, how to use improvised
weapons and this one, this pen is a
improvised weapon! You can use this pen
in many different ways in self-defense
situations and the cool thing is, that
you know, you can have your pen
anywhere, on the airport, at the
conference, at your working place and
even in the car and at home! Everywhere!
This is why it’s good to have pens
everywhere. So, how can you use
this kind of pen in self-defense
situations? There are many
possibilities! You can hold it like this,
like a knife. I prefer to put my thumb
here, so the the whole thing doesn’t slip
through, when I’m hitting a guy. For me
this grip is far better, because I can
execute punches or strikes, which are
coming from above and for me this is a
very natural movemen,t because if you are
watching Animal Planet or something like
that, you probably saw that apes and chimps are fighting like this.
You see that this is a very common
reaction in the animal kingdom.
If chimps can execute this kind of
punches, you can too! You just have to have
a pen and put it in your hand and
you can already defend yourself!
At the beginning I would just use
the basic five strikes from Filipino
martial arts, which are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. As you see, you can strike with this pen
or you can also push this thin part into soft
tissues of your opponent. You can push
this here, or here, or in the nose, or in
the eye, it depends on the situation.
I mean, show me a body part where it doesn’t
Again, you can strike with it, or you
can push this pen into soft or even hard
tissues of the human body. It hurts
everywhere. So, if you don’t want to use a
cheap pen, you can also buy yourself a
tactical pen, which is nothing else than
a pen, which is made of harder and better
materials and of course they sell it for
much more money. The problem with these
cheap pens is, that they can break
easily like this… you know, and the
problem with tactical pens is, that if
you lose it, you have to buy a new one
and it costs quite a lot. So, if you’re
thinking that also other people have to
see this video, then please share it with them
and subscribe to my youtube channel,
where it’s all about movement, fighting,
prepping, being a modern warrior. I’m
Robert Lisac. See you in the next video.

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Tactical Flashlight Florida How To Shop

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  1. You can't stab with a pen with your bare hand you need a glove or at least a sleeve because the first hit will make it slippery. Plus it will most likely break the first hit.