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  1. This would also be a good way to EDC Bankline…. just clip the donut into the shower curtain ring

  2. Hi JJ- Few months back I saw some video on making Paracord Bracelets- just showed up; guess it's a hunters hobby, sorta 😁. The so called measurement was 7-8 times the wrist you were making it for (with clips). So, my 7" wrist times 8= 56", approx 4-1/2' of Paracord on yourself at all times. Little tight so next ones were 1-3" longer (you do the Math! Lol!). Can make them pretty (w/ & w/out baubles), colors, w/& w/out clips & still adjustable. There are even ways of inserting fish hooks, line, etc. For a man your size, there would be a substantial more length of line. I dunno, 10-11" wrist for you? If you open the cord, there are 7 separate lines that make up the core that can be used as fishing line! There are MANY you tubers showing how to make & will use whatever colors & designs you like (design/width means more Paracord available), for sale!! (I was making as hobby) Football, baseball teams, etc. Great Boy Scout craft idea! Because of composition they dry quickly, no odor, mildew, lightweight. I've made 12 just goofing around! 🙄. Can't lose them. Maybe not as much cord as donut but could be useful. Jus sayin. Take care, God bless ✌

  3. Thank you for the video! One of the best methods to storage I ever see. Use it always now.