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  1. My dad insisted I hide $20 in my car in $1 and $5 bills + coins for tolls + pay phones. (20yrs ago $20=fill up!) 1st thing I did when I got to college was gas up. Many times I drove home with NOTHING in my wallet but my tank was full-thanks dad! Carry LONG jumper cables and a new 5 gl gas can for water or gas. Store w/cap off/loose. Family emergency forced me to leave at 12am once. Found out the cheap gas station (last one before on ramp) closed at 10pm! Full tanks people! Maps too!

  2. @thenewsurvivalist firgures the one who it is being said to would go against it…….

  3. @thenewsurvivalist I dont like the cooks options. Just canned food, bars, nuts. Im gone be on the move and if someone see's me cooking they will want my food and will steal it. I say keep moving, and stay away from people in the beginning, they will be desperate.

  4. very nice i hope you don't mind if i make mine similar to yours as you have a great model bag there. I would only recommend to people that they have a couple of torches (good quality) and spare batteries (rotated every 3-6 months) in the bag. And even though there were combustion devices in the bag i would also take a Ferrocerium rod (Metal match) as a back up as it doesn't matter if it gets wet, lasts a lot of strikes and is lightweight.

  5. Thanks for the video. Comprehensive list. Looks like everyday stuff for the most part. I liked that you didn't explain what everything was for (like we would not know)… a lot of videos are just look and rambling, but not yours!

  6. Good Video. It is a little heavy on the food for me, but over all a good setup.

  7. dont forget condoms in your survival bag. not joking, the latex is extremely useful, versatile, and hardly takes any space.

  8. you need your big big bag to go on your back you ain't gonna be able to carry all that with your arms for very long