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  1. I believe you are the first to do a vehicle vid series! Great series, I also watched your saber bag series,this is why I watch utube vids, gear and to see other peoples ideas on surivial kits and the like . I find that your ideas and way of thinking are among the best,because your approach on the subject is clear without all the hype and you do go out and spend thousands of dollars on it ! Thats why I subbed, please keep the vids coming I will keep watching!

  2. What I recommend for a vehicle within the context of survival is dark tinted windows or some sort of blinds. It is for security and privacy. Anyone can peak inside the vehicle and loot the contents. Sleeping or changing clothes inside your vehicle is something you definitely don't want anyone to see. My survival vehicle is still in progress, I am learning as I go, but this is what I have taken into consideration. Great video by the way!

  3. hey great video man just have a few questions where do you get those chainsaw rope? and second question is for your first aid kit in your bag how many items would you recommend for a first aid kit suitable for 2 people?

  4. Another great item to have in your vehicle are the militay issue wool blankets. You can get them from most of your surplus stores as well as online. Make sure they are the ones that have a higher wool content to them.

  5. Pocket chainsaws are awesome ! Cut some poplars about 1 foot and a half in diameter with em. One guy on each handle each side. Works !

  6. Instead of a knife you don't like get a Mora it's blade is short enough and you know that its a quality piece for cheap money. Also you can get a real nice Maglite XL50 flashlight (100 lumens) for $25 dollars. With common batteries and for the money, durability/quality, and lumens you can't beat it.

  7. Another good video, Highway Patrol up here had a good tip that I now use and that is to wear your warm coat turn down the heater when you drive and not take it off inside the car. They have found people in a accident where the vehicle hit the ditch and they where too injured to put on a coat and froze before help could arrive. I also put a small emergency blanket and my candles/1 handed lighter, trauma bandage and seat belt cutter/window breaker in center console where I can reach it if pinned

  8. –I was just looking through some of my older videos and saw your comment. You are so right about the wool blankets! That has been talked about in more recent videos on E2E. I hope you enjoyed watching – stay tuned, more on the way!

  9. I keep a good Kelty zero degree sleeping bag in my vehicle during the winter.

  10. Thanks Adam for all the good infos and for your time. i have a GBH Kit too in my jeep and i have only one tip for you… Have you think about vehicule fluids? like windshield washer and coolant/antifreez? if the engine is running for a long periode of time and not moving, there is no air to cool the radiator down so the rubber hoses will star leaking and loosing the preciouse fluide who keep your engine cool and your heater hot ( lol its ironic).
    Thanks for all the infos you are sharing. Cads

  11. Great input! Thank you for the idea and sharing with the E2E viewers. I appreciate your support. Be safe