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what is going on guys and welcome back
to another video so today i’m getting
ready to go camping
i’m either gonna go for two days or
maybe three days so a three day camping
and i’m getting ready for that now so i
just put my sleeping boxes back into my
i use this for car camping the top i’m
gonna have to put a mattress
in there i haven’t done that yet that’s
for the sweeping and then the bottom
is just storage so i’m bringing quite a
bit of stuff
on this camping trip we got ice chests
full of drinks
ice chests full of fishing stuff so i
keep this in my car at all times
and i always have random fishing stuff
thrown in my car
so that is where all of this stuff ends
just inside that little tackle box
i got my fishing gear a tent i’m
bringing the tent just in case
i don’t want a car camp but uh
it’s been pretty stormy the last few
days a lot of storms it actually just
got done storming
it was raining and thundering so i am
bringing the tent
but in case it does storm we got the car
to camp in as well
i got all of my catch and cook gear
right here
we have a two burner stove and
propane seasoning down there
filet knife scissors spatulas everything
we need to
catch a fish and cook it which i do plan
to do while we’re there
and then i have a bunch of this stuff so
i made a survival bag
which is actually down here
that is what this bag is so
about probably two months ago now i put
together a survival bag
and i plan to make a video on this but i
just never did
so i figured why not do it now
so i took everything out and this is
what we have in my survival bag
we’ll just start here and go that way
it’s not like in order anything so we
got some lights
flashlights you always need the lights
from camping we have a headlight i use
that for fishing
here we have a saw so this is a gerber
it slides out and then the blade comes
out here
i haven’t used that yet still in the
package a bunch of this stuff is still
in the package still brand new because i
haven’t used it but i have used some of
for uh while out doing catching cooking
stuff that i needed i would grab it out
and use it
so here we have a bunch of batteries i
still need to put those in ziploc bags
we have a protective mesh head net in
case mosquitoes get real bad
we got some sunscreen bug spray
we got a live straw here never used
don’t really want to test that out i’m
sure it works great i’ve seen a bunch of
videos of people testing it out so i
don’t really want to
but if it’s ever a survival situation i
will definitely use that
we got duct tape you can never go wrong
with duct tape
then we got some fishing string i just
got some eight pound
fishing string here it is a hundred
yards so 200 yards of fishing string
and i also have this fishing survival
kit i put together
basically has everything you need
weights hooks
we got some trout magnets in there
different style hooks we got some
trebles bait hooks we got some uh
like bass hooks in there we got some
spoons swivels we got crankbaits
uh we got jigs we got some paddle tails
right there as well so basically
everything you’ll need
for any type of situation of course
you’re not going to catch anything big
on this setup i mean you could probably
catch a big walleye on that grub right
there but
it’s mostly for small fish but like i
said this is just survival
of course i have all my fishing gear in
my car at all times but
i made this little kit just for my
survival bag one of these days i want to
make a video
just using this gear i think that’d be
pretty cool okay where are we at where
we at
we got some paracord we got a lighter
i’ll throw that over here you got this
little backup flashlight
it’s not very bright but it’s there just
in case
didn’t know what else to do with that
light we got some gloves which i’ve
already used
hiking in some pretty crazy caves that
was a cool day
we have this little utensil set here
it’s a spoon
a fork and a knife
then we have a instant cold pack so
instant ice bag break it up and then you
have two ice packs you never know when
you might need that so here’s a bag of a
bunch of different things
a long time ago when i was a kid i had a
survival bag
and this is kind of the leftover stuff
from that but there’s a bunch of stuff
in here we got biodegradable wipes
waterproof matches we have like four
different boxes of waterproof matches
and then another canister full of
waterproof matches
we have a little wipey there that
we have a emergency blanket there as
well and then some glow sticks it looks
but next up we have a multi-tool
has all the different blades and tools
on there we got a can opener to open
some cans
toilet paper very important one of these
was just in my car but that one of these
goes in the bag
then we have a bunch of fire starters so
we have three different lighters i don’t
know where that came from
i think i stole that from someone but it
was in my survival bag for some reason
four different riders then we have some
fire starters
so i saw this at walmart and it was a
dollar a bag
and you just can’t pass that up you know
it starts four different fires for a
pretty crazy so we have three of those
and then we got some lighter balls this
burns for
15 minutes you throw it in the fire and
you’re basically set
there’s six balls in this one pack that
is not in
my survival neither is that i’m just
taking that on a trip
more lights that is the light i use
in my car at night and the last thing in
my bag so far
is this first aid and survival quick
grab bag this basically has
a bunch of stuff you need all the first
aid stuff band-aids
trauma pads first aid tape swabs
insect relief pads triple antibiotic
ointment gloves cotton swabs and then we
also have survival stuff a poncho
survival thermal blanket so i have two
of those now a compass whistle
magnifying glass
waterproof matches more matches there’s
matches everywhere
a resealable pouch mini roll of duct
paracord and safety pins all in this
little bag i really want to open this
but i know once i open it i’m not
getting all of this stuff back in here
so i’m not going to open it in case i
have to
but yeah that’s basically my survival
kit that all goes in this bag
and this bag stays in my car at all time
i also have this cup
i’m not done with this kit as well i’ve
been buying stuff over time
but i still need to buy more stuff so
adding stuff to it as i go
but uh yeah there is my survival kit
that i’ve been wanting to show for the
past two months now
but so i’m gonna bring a bunch of soup
for the camping trip
this is grilled chicken and sausage
this mixed with slap yo mama seasoning
which i had which i have here in my
catch and cook stuff is the best thing
in the world
i put slappio mama seasoning on
literally everything i cook
it is my favorite thing in the world and
i mix it with this
and i just got addicted i mean i love
gumbo as it is already
i grew up eating gumbo my family always
made it
and once i put slapoma in this it
a game changer it made it so much better
i recommend you try that if you ever
if you like good things try that for
but yeah i’m still getting uh set up
here i got ice bottles freezing in the
cooler right now
oh what else tint fishing stuff
football always have to have a football
that always stays in my car as well
so that’s basically it so i need to
throw all of that
into here i’m going to go to walmart
tomorrow and go pick up
some worms it’s a little bit more gear
just for camping but i basically have
everything i’ll need
to survive for the next few days i need
to get drinks tomorrow
some more waters at walmart as well
but yeah we’re all set almost
you throw this in here and then the car
is completely ready
so most of this stuff here is gonna go
except for the boat
i wish the boat was going but we’re all
gonna bring our kayaks
so we’re still gonna be able to get on
the water just on some kayaks which is
going to be cool because
we’re already talking about doing a 2v2
fishing challenge so that is going to be
all right so i’m all packed up we got
the mattress in there
the pillow the drinks all the fishing
football that’s for food storage and the
box we got
all the stuff for my car in case it ever
breaks down some tools
tint survival bag and then
all of the cooking stuff and also a
so we can go ahead and shut this
shut that and now we just need to put
the kayak on top of the car alright so
we got the kayak on top of the car
and now we are ready to go first thing
in the morning
okay so basically i just made this video
to tell y’all that i’m going to be gone
for the next three days
there will not be any videos uploaded
i’m sorry for that but uh
once i come back we’ll have some awesome
videos of camping and
fishing i’m going to lake fryer which is
a lake that i freaking love it’s so
peaceful out there
no service nothing just camping true
camping at its finest
so once i get back there will be a bunch
of videos on that
hopefully we can catch a whole bunch of
fish my friend devin
austin all of them are coming down cole
basically all my good friends are going
and they’re all bringing their kayaks
and we’re just gonna have an awesome
time we talked about doing a 2v2 fishing
challenge on the kayaks
so that’s going to be awesome even
though this is going to be a fun and
awesome trip
we’re leaving because my friend passed
away exactly one year ago in a few days
and i’m going with all of his family
everyone is going down there
and we’re basically going just to get
out of town
during his one year anniversary uh it’s
gonna be sad
of course it’s gonna be hard for all his
family it’s really hard for me
i was really good friends with him but
uh yeah that’s why we’re going
but like i said it’s still gonna be fun
and awesome
the videos are gonna be sweet i cannot
wait to get them posted for you guys but
i hope you all enjoyed this video
i will catch y’all in the next one peace

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Tactical Flashlight For Ar15 How Can We Shop

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