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hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you want to go
camping and you’re not sure what all you
need supplies gear basic items well whether you’re a first-timer camper
you’ve gone camping many times it’s always a
great idea to review the must-have
camping gear supplies basic items that you need if you’re
heading out to camp the first thing you need to
have is water even if you’re heading out
just hiking for the day always make sure
you’re taking enough water you can take
one gallon containers you can buy
five gallon jug that holds more water
and know how you’re going to fill it up with more water
and get more depending on how long
you’re there at your campground campsite you need to plan on at
least one gallon of water per person per
day next you need to plan for food make
it simple hot dogs hamburgers meals that
like mountain house meals that you just
add water open a few cans and heat them
up then you also need to figure out how
you’re going to cook them you might want
a little camp stove you need a couple of
dishes and maybe a pot to warm things up
one of my favorite items of all is
Reynolds foil wrappers they are single
sheet of aluminum foil just the right size you pull
them out load them up with food to cook in a fire pit campfire barbecue grill it’s simple to
make foil packets in the fire pit or a
campfire and your meal is cooking while
you’re enjoying yourself and then
there’s no clean up oh I like these Reynolds foil wrappers
because they’re already single sheets
they’re already the right size they’re
heavy duty and they work great if you’re
going to use a camp stove or a campfire
you need to have some strike-anywhere
matches and some kind of firestarter
Instant Fire is great you just sprinkle
it out and the stuff lights no matter
what the weather I’ve had great luck
with this Instant Fire and so it’s something that I
always like to have with me when I head
into the out-of-doors bring a dish pan
put a few dishes in it it can hold all
your pots pans dishes together
bring some silverware then with a little
bit of soap you can wash and rinse
everything in your dish pan if you don’t
want to mess with washing dishes bring
some paper products just make sure you
dispose of them properly the dish pan is
great because you can put all of your
food components together including a
small stove pans your dishes your foil
wrap and the way to light it all can fit
in one component it’s all together and
then nothing becomes lost on your way to go camping
or while you’re at camp outdoors just
means trouble make sure you bring a
first-aid kit and be ready with
band-aids gauze ointments and burn
cream make sure to include bug spray insect repellent and
sunscreen anytime you head outdoors then
you’re going to be out overnight you need
some kind of a light look for small
flashlights maybe a headlamp you can
pick these up super cheap at Walmart or
the Dollar Tree or get better high
quality ones Go Time Gear one tip that I’ve been doing
lately is I buy the inexpensive solar
outdoor lights and you can set them next
to like where the tent stakes guide wires are or
where your the front door of your tent
is and then you just leave them
there and then during the day they
charge up and at night you can easily
see the trip hazards and find your way
to your tent whether you’re coming back
from the bathroom or a midnight stroll
always bring an extra layer of warm
clothes even if it’s a hot summer day as
soon as the Sun Goes Down it gets cold
wherever you’re camping you need to
bring a jacket some warm socks maybe a
fleece or a sweatshirt and even a hat
and be prepared in case it rains you
might want to make sure you have a
waterproof layer or a plastic bag to
make your own poncho next you need a
sleeping bag pay attention to how cold
it gets at night where you’re going and
get a sleeping bag that’s suitably rated
for where you’re going you may think
it’s warm in a cabin and then you can
use this
rated for 50 degrees 50° sleeping bag but if you’re
going to be sleeping outside and it gets
down to 20 degrees or you’re in the
winter and it’s zero degrees you need to pay
attention to the rating of your sleeping
bag and buy one that’s appropriate to
the temperature that you may be sleeping
in another option if you have a
lightweight sleeping bag purchase a
liner to help warm it up or make one out
of a fleece sheet if comfort is an issue
bring a pad to lay under your sleeping
bag not essential but nice to have is it
tarp you can set it up make a shelter
out of it
whether you’re sheltering yourself from
the rain or the Sun and a tent not
everyone needs a tent when they go
camping but it’s certainly nice to have
and if you don’t have a tent that
doesn’t mean you can’t go camping
sleeping under the stars can be a lot of
fun make sure you bring your bug spray
and make sure you actually use it I’ve
learned that the hard way then bring a
nice big supply of plastic bags nice big
black plastic trash bags ones are nice for making tarps
Poncho’s shelters all kinds of things
and make sure you pick up your trash and
leave everything clean and better than
you found it when you got there there’s
nothing worse than arriving at a
campground and the people before you
have left garbage behind and
disrespected anyone else is coming later
they’re taking away what’s the beauty
the out-of-doors is the beauty of being
in nature so make sure wherever you go
leave it cleaner than you found it Leave
No Trace and if someone left a trace
before you do a good deed and clean it
up so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors nature forest outside
out-of-doors when they come there make
sure you bring at the very least a
toothbrush maybe a bar of soap and
toilet paper my tip to you is keep toilet paper it in
a ziploc bag and everybody gets their
own roll there’s nothing like portioning
out your own roll to make sure you don’t
waste it and then there’s
enough for everybody else gather up
these must have camping items keep them
together then all you need to do is load
them up add food and water and you’re
ready for your next adventure always
tell someone where you’re going and when
you expect to return so that in case of
an emergency they know when and where to
look for you being outdoors is one of my
most favorite things ever and I hope
that you find that you enjoy your time
in the out-of-doors too
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the
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Tactical Flashlight For Ar15 Where Can One Order

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