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hi it’s Alaska Granny
if you were ever a scout or perhaps the
parent of a scout
you may remember shoe box
where your scout had to put everything
they need for a weekend campout
besides clothing
they were wearing their water they will carry and food the troop has
in a shoe box everything you need in a shoebox
back they need to have everything
everything they need for the whole weekend
in a shoe box do you remember that anyway
let’s go over some of the things that you need in your shoebox camping kit
because it’s a great
opportunity for us to think what do I absolutely need in my Bug Out Bag
here’s a quick look at a simple shoe box campout kit
simple shoebox camp-out kit
you have your box and remember your lid
can be used for serving or cutting food
or sitting on then you want to make
sure you have everything for food
shelter and tools
so you want to have a poncho you want a space blanket I always use the
bivvyy bag instead
they’re hardly any more money and they are far handier in my opinion
then you don’t want a whole roll of toilet
paper so put in some Kleenex
you need a first aid kit if you have any
particular needs of medicine
our glasses make sure those are in there
then you want a pocket knife
a whistle a flashlight I also put a
headlamp in there because headlamps are extra nice
nice if you’re out overnight you
can hang them up in your tent or put them
on and then you have your hands free
for finding
your way around instead
of holding your flashlight and you’re
less likely to trip
put in some paracord I put in the paracord string microcord
a fire starting kit
I have some foil cotton balls with vaseline or petroleum jelly
a lighter matches
large candle magnesium
ferro rod
a plastic bag with hair ties
because they’re real handy
for helping tie things down
put in hand warmers a spoon a metal
cup and some aluminum foil
a lot of the things can be stuffed
inside the cup
stick in a few granola bars
if you’re camping with the scouts
someone else is in charge of food
would never want to send their little
ones out
without enough to eat so this doesn’t
have to include
everything that you would each because
we wouldn’t want our kids to go hungry
put in sunscreen bug spray
I’ve sent countless kids off to camp they
never opened their toothbrush but
I put one in there I’ve rubbed
on and wrapped it in a little bit Saran
and hopefully
it will come back and they will have been
opened you can’t fit much in a shoe box
but if you really think hard you can
stuff these things in there togeher
room for more
I need to find a water purifying Straw
duct tape and then
we’ll be good to go
put together a shoebox camp out kit for yourself or your family
it’s a challenge it’s fun
and then at least you know with just
this little bit
I have a prepared myself so that
I’ll be okay I could even have fun
out doors and accept the challenge
if I needed
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Tactical Flashlight Forum Buy In Store Near Me

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  1. @AlaskaGranny…would you say that this would be a good kit to keep in a day pack?  I think this would be better to keep in a day pack than what I have.  Would you see if this might be good?  Thanks Tim