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Would you drink turtle blood?
Eat a bird raw?
How far would you go to survive
being stranded on the ocean?
Could you cope with sharks
ramming your boat?
Could you be resourceful
in the face of fear?
None of it will be easy.
But you can survive, as others
have done it before you.
If you follow the advice
from survival experts,
and the brave men and women
who lived to tell their tales,
you can survive being
stranded on the ocean,
According to National Geographic,
the main concerns you’ll have
while you’re adrift on the ocean,
are having a supply
of drinkable fresh water,
staying afloat,
having shelter,
food, and if you’re lucky,
a signaling device.
If you’re able to stay out of the Sun,
1.5 – 2 liters (50-67 oz) of water per day
should be enough to keep you healthy.
Put as many containers as you can
out to catch rainfall.
If you don’t have containers,
use clothing to soak up water.
But what can you do
if there’s no rain?
Both bird and turtle blood
are 70% water,
so you’d do well to swallow your
disgust and try to catch them.
How? You can lure birds with fish you’ve
caught using netting or clothes.
Turtles can be grabbed from the water,
if you’re quick.
Bird meat and turtle meat also contain
water, so chow down.
The human body doesn’t process
ocean water very well.
Too much salt can even be deadly.
So, some people think urine is the answer.
Although it seems like a water source,
drinking your pee is a bad idea.
You’d be drinking the salt that
your kidneys got rid of.
That would make you
vulnerable to dehydration.
If you don’t have a boat, hang onto
any floating item you can find.
If you have nothing to hold onto,
but the water is calm,
you can float on your back.
Staying calm and waiting for rescue
is your best bet.
If the water’s choppy, lie face down,
only lifting your head to take breaths.
including a sail, a tarp, or clothing.
Tie or weigh down the material on
at least 4 corners to keep it secure.
You can catch turtles, try to catch birds,
or you can go fishing.
If you have no fishing gear, it’s a good
idea to use any rope or strings you have,
including shoelaces.
If you have a knife, use it to make
a hook by cutting up an aluminum can,
or pull out a nail and bend it into a hook.
As seaweed floats by, grab it.
It has vitamins and minerals,
which you’ll desperately need.
Sometimes, seaweed will even have shrimp,
fish or crabs caught on it.
That’s a tasty meal.
If you have flares, or a flashlight,
use them at night for best results.
A hand mirror, even the one in a powder
compact, will work in the daytime.
If you don’t have
anything to signal with,
look for boats, and make as much
noise as you can when you see them,
waving your arms to attract attention.
Survivors of open waters are often
in poor shape when they’re rescued.
They’ve lost too much weight, they’re
sunburned or cold, and sometimes
they have neurological issues from
exposure or lack of proper nutrition.
On the other hand, they’re alive and
on their way to recovery.
Some people claim to have
survived almost a year out on the water.
If you follow the advice in this video,
there’s a good chance that you, too, can
survive being stranded out on the ocean,
According to Science.

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  1. If I was on a cruise boat and it sum how sank in the ocean, I would first get a life jacket, then try to find a lifeboat, then try to find flare gun, then try to find food, water, then if I can try to find a pistol, then when I get into the ocean with the stuff I will be in a lifeboat, I will try to find other people and shoot them with the pistol, I can’t have other people on my lifeboat, and they will cause a scene causing sharks to come. I will wait a while, then shoot a flare, wait then shoot another one, then if a boat or helicopter comes to rescue me I will get in it and shoot the people in it, then I will take control of the vehicle and crash it into a rock, then ride a shark to narnia land.