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  1. Touring equipment does not need to be expensive or the latest technology. My tourer is built up mostly from old 1980's equipment and the various racks I bought cheaply. I did splurge on a Brooks Saddle and a Carradice Camper Longflap saddlebag though.

  2. Nashb_r was sold to Perform_nce a while ago. I remember during the transition that the reps taking phone orders seemed quite upset. After that a lot of items disappeared and nearly all the prices went up closer to the buying company. Even the catalogs started looking the same.

  3. Panniers , make your own. Cheaper and if you use your CAD program ( cardboard assisted design ) then you can pre mount it to see that you ave clearance and enough size to fit what you want. Fabric I used was Vitex
    Tel: 604-253-8277 Fax: 604-253-4715 Toll Free: 1-888-777-4736 1196 E Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6A 1W5 Checkout Instructables.com for hints of how to's. great video , you really need to get out and enjoy life and you don't have to spend huge sums to get what works.

  4. If you take a backpack, use a piece of fluted board/choroplast as backing to it, and bolt & bend some metal angle braces to it …they'll work as great pannier/s.

  5. Very cool. I have been riding an inexpensive Giant Escape 2 for commuting into work the last few years and for short treks on weekends. Really love it. I was going to buy an expensive dedicated touring bike for a cross country trip this Summer…but then decided to convert my Escape instead. It has a long chain stay & wheelbase, so it’s perfect for mounting racks & panniers.

  6. I have just purchased a B/Twin New Bike and want to equip it with all that essential to convert it into a1000 Km Cruiser bike.I am a Very Fit man of 77 years from New Delhi.

  7. these packs fade after they get wet i have 4 of them the black dye fades off not good packs to have .