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  1. This is a re-upload of this product review. In the original upload, I had a major goof in the ordering of the Special Output modes. I just couldn't let that goof remain, so last night I re-recorded those scenes to ensure that the information that I provided was completely accurate. Sorry for everyone that already Liked and Commented on the original video. This version has a primate cameo appearance in the 30ft wall demo. Thank you everyone for your support! I really appreciate it!

  2. Still just as awesome. If you happen to have an original foursevens ti whistle you'd wish to sell, keep me in mind!

  3. I know you had/have the preon 2. In your opinion, does this flashlight have a better throw on the beam than the preon 2. I feel like my preon is more of a flood light and I'd like something that will carry a greater distance.( if that makes any sense lol). Thanks, great video as always

  4. Look what i found! Might be a great EDC item?

  5. Stop posting these!! I have limited funds available and you're killing me! HAHA Great review my friend! -Woody

  6. Was in the market for a EDC flashlight and now I found one! Great review!