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  1. i wouldn't say new, i've seen their stuff in magazines for a while. i kind of picture them of on the cusp between high-end production and custom, so that's why it's not on amazon. and yeah, $425's a lot haha but if i had the money, i'd get it.

  2. @aznelite, I guess I'm just not used to forking out that kind of cash for gear (a knife) when there are plenty of excellent choices out ther for alot less money. But you're going to pay for high quality and craftsmanship everytime, and through the nose, and anyother orifice on your body. I watched a video made by a kid who's pocket edc flashlight was 250 bucks on amazon. Uhhhh, no thanks, But yeah, if I won the lottery one of those knives would be in my bag lol.

  3. its kind of sad that after watching 20ish videos on knives from shot show this is the first guy who can say what steel they have in their products and WHY the use it and why it benefits you beyond a higher price tag.

    Sparta just made it on my i want list.

  4. have the enyos and a Spartan Harsey 1 5 1/8in.great knives..i,m not the least bit sorry I bought them..working to add the horkos,,SH2 and possibly the Bowie..i haave the camo sheath.it has a great liner and the blade stays put,,snapstrap..3ft. of card wrapped..leg tie or strap to vest wtc.. 2 day is 10,16,13..

  5. yes there are as well as DPx..isabelletv..they are in depth men and are very responsive to your ????go to web site..my wife was very positive about this purchase..very encouraging,almost forcing ..hello UST..try a raw sweet potato for knife test..

  6. 10-16-2013..try a dealer and due a ;ay a way..when its paid up he can order.try CURTIS.. @ Spartan they might work it out for you..pick the one you want and talk to them…try the online sites..Spartan is on a few..Blade HQ..best to go direct in your case..i had a local dealer so he made it possible to lay-a-way..

  7. nice knives but they wont do anything that an $80 Ka-Bar wont do. I would pay half of what theyre charging but definitely wouldn't spend the $$$ their asking

  8. @Meck1786 So what's your point?

    The guy in the video came off as a humble and nice guy, the company has a great warranty and product and utility wise is fantastic. What more do you want? Also, the prices of these knives aren't that high… especially compared to custom knives.

  9. These seem like great Knives but for 400$ it doesn't make sense. Cold steel, tops, Shrade, Benchmade and Sog have Knives half the price and are just as good of quality.

  10. my horkos in fde and green micarta handle is the best sharpest knife ive ever bought, and I've bought many . these are expensive, but truly worth it, the finish and attention to detail is second to none. kydex sheath on a hsgi suregrip battle belt with a mp pro core in a raven concealment holster, come what may, till Valhalla.