14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Freebie How Can We Buy At 19:47

  1. All this prepping but coronavirus hits you anyway…noiceee now i got the virus and am broke af

  2. only thing i would really add is a small fleese and a foldaway rain jacket, if you can get a hoodie in there too perfect 🙂

  3. I wanted to get the paddles and I don’t see it on Amazon anymore what’s the name of it?

  4. You are potential for a president, CEO or local powerful leader. Respecr for your charisma / you command pwr image. And what a great show because of natural fun elements like 550 cord…

  5. Super helpful! Read this wk about Oregon girl, ran out of gas, left car & miraculously found by SAR days later. My guess didn’t have any survival stuff in her car. Teen daughter driving soon. She will be set up & know how to use items. Missing? flashlight. And during winter: extra blanket, wool socks & jacket for warmth. All trunk stuff. Not BOB! 😁 Thx TR!

  6. The only thing that I would add is a fire striker and a pair of socks (for gloves or feet).

  7. Put a trauma kit in car not just boo boo kits. My 13 year old has a better kit than most adults have. Like he says don't skimp on medical.

  8. THANK YOU for being a father/husband who puts his family first. Its nice to see a person who lives in the real world and doesn't expect everyone to be trained as x-military may be.

  9. The reason you get the good gear is because your " ehhh this is good enough " with ghettorigged equipment is their " this looks good !" with good gear