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  1. I have a question and I'm not being sarcastic. IS the Survival Guide Paper? If it is, It may be a good Idea to Have it printed on plastic or something. Like the instructions written on inflatable rubber boats, just so they don't get wet or torn that easily.

  2. @woodcrafter76 I agree with you that some of the things he does on the show shouldn't even be considered unless there are absolutely no other options, but you have to remember that Discovery is after viewers so they will show the most extremes even if they aren't logical. Also I would consider myself more than an armchair survivalist, but then again I'm not truly a "survivalist." I really like adventure but when I go I go prepared, that way I can enjoy the adventure not just survive.

  3. @2ndamend4ever you do know that he lost his show in england for being a total fake so he came to the US where nobody had ever heard of him before to have a show. i don't give a fuck if he climbed mount everest, he gives HORRIBLE ADVICE. most of what he does will get you killed even faster. He completely ignores the basic survival rules of keeping things simple, not expending energy, not trying to get hurt.go ahead and drink water out of a pile of shit and see how many HOURS you survive

  4. I can't take anything away from the guy, he's walked the walk and managed to capitalize on the experience. I wish his show was more realistic and instructional, and he was actually better prepared (maybe equipped with his own products) than just a knife and a cup, but I guess that wouldn't make for interesting TV. It would also be nice if his signature products were actually of sufficient quality to be truly useful for their intended purpose, but then who would pay the price?

  5. one thing that i think would be awesome would be if bear actually used a different item each episode.

  6. What is the difference Between The Zippers because the survival kit Out in the shops is Landscape zipper ?