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Hi there. Sandy here. Just a quick video for
you today to show you something different
by way of jewelry. The nice folks over at
Wazoo Survival Gear sent me their Bushcraft
Firestarter Leather Necklace to review and I thought
it was interesting. You know most of the time
when we make jewelry, we’re making it to look
beautiful, but this one is actually quite
What it is, is it’s this attractive, rather
masculine necklace. It’s got a nice heavy
duty, probably 5-6mm leather cord with some
interesting knots, but contained on it, this
is a firesteel and this is a ceramic scraper.
So if you ever need to start a fire while
you’re out and about, and certainly that’s
an issue of survival, you can take the necklace
off, slide the pieces apart an use them to
start a fire (Yes, it really does spark easily!
I just wasn’t going to do it in my filming
I was looking up other survival jewelry. There’s
all the paracord jewelry out there and as somebody
pointed out that’s more to make things easier.
Most often the paracord will be used to replace
boot laces, although there are lots of other
things you can do with it, but starting fires
seems like definitely more of a survival issue.
The necklace has a sliding knot closure very
similar to one I showed you in a recent Friday
Findings video. We pull on it to make it longer
and then pull the pieces apart to make it
shorter. I thought it was interesting that
even on their hang tag there’s a bit of jute
twine here and they point out that that’s
tinder although it isn’t part of the necklace
design. It probably wouldn’t be particularly
practical or comfortable to wear.
So I thought it was just an interesting design
that would certainly be useful especially
if you know somebody who hikes or camps or
spends time in the outdoors. If you’d like
to make your own, you can find these firesteel
pieces with the two holes drilled in them.
I’ll put a link at my blog post (WazooSurvivalGear.com
sells the firesteel beads as well as the necklace).
So if you’re interested in taking a look at
this jewelry or other types of survival jewelry,
you can click on the link and please share
your ideas for future videos in the comments
If you’re new here and you haven’t already
subscribed to my YouTube channel, make sure
you do for three new video tutorials every
week. I upload on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays and you can follow me on Facebook,
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Happy creating. Bye bye.

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  1. Thanks Sandy, big thumbs up, this is going to be a unique gift for my family of hunters/outdoorsmen!