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it’s two minute Tuesday and today I’ll
show you how to make it everyday carry
emergency kit from any survival or
emergency kit you may have and the best
part is its small and compact it can fit
on your glovebox pack or your belt
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part of this video is and if you have
any video suggestions believe them in
the comments as well so let’s get
started your everyday carry kid or EDC
should be small and compact keep this
kit with you at all times if you’re out
shopping taking in a ballgame or just
out enjoying the outdoors your EBC gives
you the very basics which will help you
cope with an emergency situation I
purchased this kit to get us started
with some basic tools the price was
right for the equipment and supplies
I’ll put a link in the bottom of the
description so you can explore that
option your EDC kit should just address
these eight basic needs first aid safety
hydration energy warmth and cooling
shelter tools and defense let’s start
with first-aid some basic bandages
alcohol and iodine swabs get why a wet
wipes lip balm superglue fc2 Fetterman
and acid safety pins surgical tape
dental floss all in a ziplock sandwich
bag now let’s look at the fence pepper
spray is the best non-lethal deterrent
that everyone can afford and it is legal
in most states and does not require a
permit the flashlight is also a great
defense tool as well they can be used to
temporarily disorient your attacker and
up close it can be used as a weapon on
the temple or sternum it naturally
safety is next the flashlight is a
visual aid when in the dark by lighting
your path of vadhana bandana or face
shield is great at stopping dust and
keeping your face warm hydration is very
important the Sawyer filter is a great
ray to filter your water and can be used
right at the source energy is very
important we have a protein bar and some
shelters in part as well if you’re with
your car stay with it if it’s safe and
if you are not with your car and you
need to get out of the elements
the Mylar blanket is a great way to stay
dry key form and provide shade and
finally tools there is your rod fire
starter matches lighter and cotton balls
a multi-tool two knives the long largest
one has a seatbelt cutter and a window
striker here is a compass whistle and
paracord and around the lighter is some
duct tape also there’s a few zip ties
your cell phone with emergency numbers
and contacts and a couple of Ziploc bags
a small pad of paper and a pen pencil
and permanent marker all of which to
write a leaf write or leave notes and
instructions look in your pockets the
contents count as your everyday carry at
it have some pocket change and small
bills and other items you need
personally with you like medications or
epi pens and emergency alert bracelets
well there you have it an everyday carry
kit that can keep you going for a few
hours is small and compact and can fit
in your glove box pack or on your belt I
have placed a list of the contents of
the EDC kits shown today in the
description below I also included links
to some of the items for your
convenience I’m Berlin birch I’ll see
you next time

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  1. Man…great vid & Info! I can't keep up on all the stuff I need to make/put together! 😂 looking forward to next Tuesday!

  2. 😀 great. EDC is one of those things that are important as yes one may be separated from main bag/kit/ car /home . I am enjoying the content 😀 so ill give some channel support . left a like and ill channel support All the best from C.R.