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In Asia they say, if you can break
coconut with your bare hands, you can
break the skull of your opponent. But I’m
not able to do this, so I had to use the
kubotan (pocket stick) to break a coconut. Aloha! I’m Robert Lisac
and today I want to show you how
underestimated this weapon is! This is a
kubotan (pocket stick) and you can use it in many
different ways and as I said in the
first part of this series about the kubotan,
you can do a lot of damage in
self-defence situations with this small
weapon. There are three things, which are
important, if you want to use a weapon in
a self-defense situation, at least for me.
The first one is: The weapon has to be
easy accessible- If you have this kubotan in your pocket it’s very
accessible and you can have it
everywhere with you. The second very
important thing is, that the techniques
which you are using in self-defense
situation are simple. I always follow
Kubaton techniques, if you don’t make the things
complicated, are very simple. I mean you
just have to grab this piece of wood and
you can already start to defend yourself! Because it’s very easy to use, make just a
few downward strikes! And the third thing,
which is very important in self-defense
situations is, that the weapon has to be
effective and if you think that this is
just a little piece of wood, it’s really
amazing how effective this weapon is!
So, again, a self-defense weapon has
to be accessible. Second it has to be
easy to use and the third very important
point is, it has to be effective and
a kubotan really meets all these three
points. The reason why this weapon is so
effective is, because you will hit your
opponent with a very very small surface
like this here and it doesn’t matter if
you hit him in a hard part of his body
like the skull, or in a soft tissue part
like the chest muscle, or the leg or
something like that… But let’s approach
the whole thing from another angle. Let’s
take the first point that the weapon has
to be accessible. It doesn’t help you at
all, if you forget your kubotan or any
other weapon at home! So, your weapon has
to be always near you, in your pocket, if
it’s in your car and you’re in in town
and you have just parked the car 50
meters away it doesn’t help you at all!
The techniques may be easy, but if you
don’t practice the techniques, it won’t
help you either and the third point
about effectiveness: The more you
practice, the more your weapon is getting
effective. The next scene is nothing
for vegans, sorry! So don’t watch it! I’ve
bought some ribs and these are ribs from a
pig. They have quite the same
thickness than the ribs of human body.
We will try to break some ribs with the
Okay, if I’m honest, I thought, that this
thing will be a little bit different…
Because I was expecting to break at
least one or two ribs, but nothing
happened, but what I really damaged was
the space between the ribs and you see,
that the kubaton penetrated right
between the ribs.
Now imagine, that these are the ribs of
your opponent! Not good! So, as you can see,
you can really damage seriously some
muscles and tendons with your kubotan!
and if you’re stronger than me, you can
also break probably some bones. As I
see it, I will have for dinner some
pumpkin soup, then some ribs with, but
without this kubaton ;-)!
And for dessert I will have some coconut
ice. I’m Robert Lisac. See you in the next video.

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Tactical Flashlight Grip Enhancement Where Does One Buy

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  1. 0:00 yeah even though testing weapons on different fruit is very satisfying (a lot of people use watermelons) I find the coconut tests more interesting than all the rest because of how solid they are. Idk how close they are to a real human skull but they’re certainly a lot closer than the rest of the fruits that’s for sure (and if someone gets hit by the kubotan they will know it!)

  2. 2:40 that’s the great thing about this, the target zone is literally everywhere! There’s no worrying about breaking knuckles on someone’s forehead or aiming at specific areas with a knife

  3. 4:30 So basically you got them in the heart between the ribs and now they’re dead! 🤣🤣
    *See here anyone who thinks the kubotan isn’t effective lol