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  1. You should look into the Glock field knife. It's an amazing knife but it's super cheap and you won't really be upset if you lose it.

  2. JHC! 4 knives and a firearm! Did you say you were going on vacation or on a Coup? Simply amazing. Also, I assume you are always vacationing in your own State because the firearms licensing laws are so different with each State. I am dumbfounded.

  3. I realize this is an old video, but for someone who takes the care to turn around their ids when showing your wallet, you sure gave us a lot of personal information in this video. Let's review;

    *As of this video*… You're a left-handed (holsters with clips on that side), heavier (fat fingers, no offense), married (ring on that finger), white male that lives in NY with a potentially publicly accessible concealed carry permit and very recognizable speech. Digging just a little deeper, you own a Kia probably newer than 2000 (judging by the fob), and a Nissan probably around or older than 2000 (judging by the plastic head on the key and lack of fob), your credit card is a VISA (visible PLUS logo), and you exercise at Bally (club card), which only has 2 locations in NY today. 11 NY locations were acquired by 24 hour fitness, which expands possibilities. But there is only one location under either name that is not in the big city. You mentioned you are lost in cities, implying you must not live in the big city, so this narrows down your location significantly. Also, you showed us all of your keys pretty clearly. This allows the possibility of replication and/or knowledge of what kind of locks you use which also tells us how they can be picked should we figure your location.

    I have no expertise in tracking people, and I know all this with just some quick googling in a moment of boredom. It wouldn't be too hard to track you down if someone really wanted to.

    Don't kid yourself into thinking you're being conscious about protecting your identity. This is just one video. How much more info have you given out? With higher quality video, even more information would have been revealed. That other club card could have been legible. It looks like a fairly local one. As technology advances, I hope your care also has. If you don't want people to know who you are, you need to be more careful.