Tactical Flashlight Guide Where Can One Order

DIY emergency kit emergency kit checklist
what should be in your emergency kit make your own emergency kit
hi it’s AlaskaGranny take small
containers to make your own emergency kits this is just
the right size to make a small emergency kit and it’s a
nice size you you can put it in your purse gym bag backpack put one in your bag
or suitcase you can make one for your kids put it in your kids
backpack you can take a small emergency kit on vacation there
are so many places in your car to put small containers with
little emergency kit so that no matter
what your day brings you have things that will help get you going
and keep you safe and on your way let me
show you things that I fit in this little container
here and there was still extra room to add more care in
an emergency
of course a large black plastic bag
you can make a poncho a shelter
you can do a lot of things with it
you know you make a shelter if you need to I have a small knife with toothpick blades tweezers scissors tools
protection so I have a little here and
this is what makes his way to a little
tool that I have a lighter matches
candle cotton ball rolled in a small piece of plastic to keep it compact and clean and dry chapstick and so did you know you can rub chapstick on a cotton ball and start a fire right away
build a fire right away it works as well as Vaseline
which doesn’t always come in a handy little container
for water purification I have a ziploc bag
collect water pour it through a coffee filter to remove debris and a little bottle of bleach to purify it if I need to
dental floss
which makes excellent cord nail Clippers
flashlight and cash all of this fits in the little pringles can or any small container
to make your own emergency kit I have a lot of emergency gear that can help keep me safe make emergency kits in little containers and make little
emergency kits see so it no matter where you are
you know you’ll be okay
checklist for small emergency kits
DIY emergency kits make your own emergency kits
how to make emergency kits
what do I need to make an emergency kit
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Tactical Flashlight Guide Where Can One Order

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  1. Awesome DIY . great way to reuse the container.
    Even a small can to boil water should fit and nest quite well in this