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  2. I am a secret prepper..

    As in I am prepared for a shtf event, but no one knows my capabilities nor inventory.
    Being a secret prepper is vital, because let's face it..its human nature to want what another has.

    What I'm about to say is my experience with preppers…again..this is my experience with my local prepper community and is not a reflection on preppers in whole.
    I a few years back connected with a group under the guise that I was completely new. I made no mention I was prior military and a graduate of SERE school, nor my inventory ( because I wanted to know the capabilities of the people, thier strengths, weaknesses ect.)

    A majority of them are show boat SOB's!
    " Oh look at this" showing stock piles of this and that, or "I have this" showing off weapons, vehicles, underground bunkers so on and so forth.
    Almost all of them were a bunch of know it all's, that had an almost cult attitude, the sense that they made it a point to ask..hay make sure you bring at least 2 to 3 woman here.
    They even went so far as to say..your wife, your children belong to the group.

    If you join us " We will share" them.
    As if the end of the world was going to be a giant orgy.
    A high majority of Prepper groups demand membership fees.." for the good of the group"
    They even have contracts where in the by laws of the group they can vote you out and your contributions are the property of the community, not you, to include female members.

    Prepping should be a secret endeavor.

    It must be, because people WILL knock on your door in times of need.
    Take a long look at natural catastrophes, Andrew, Irma, tornadoes, floods ect.
    People will flock to those "with".
    All it takes is one person…I repeat..it only takes 1 person to say.."Hay Bill has this, this and that, to thier family and friends".
    Your food, water, fuel, ect, that is for YOUR FAMILY will will become the new rumor and new must have's, by others who have not prepared!

    What I'm saying is absolutely the truth.

    Next thing you know you WILL have to share with everyone..and if you dont they will simply take it..and they will!

  3. I pity the poor squirrels and wild life with a grid down for more than two weeks or more. They WILL be hunted out really quick. Raise quail, chicken or a rabbit two as “pets”. Start a garden, even if you live in an apartment. A grid down situation will probably have some support/supplies from the government. It’s will probably be limited but with a garden and “pets”, you can manage.

  4. I did not have power for a day and i was very lonely. That was worse thing was being alone.

  5. Thank you for talking to beginner's like me lol. And talking in a calm voice , not screaming, and slowly so that I can hear and understand you. Also a lot of what you said were all common sense things, but 80% i had never thought of 🤣
    I was like, wait, I never thought of it like that lol
    God bless!!

  6. I live in Hungary, man, i dont need jacket, or a fan to keep cold/warm. It's the perfect place to survive.