Tactical Flashlight Headlamps Buy Best Price Online

The reason to make this video in 2 languages is because of the edc concept
Which is followed in Europe and America
I also follow this concept so this video will be an introduction to you guys for what this is all about
The specific reason to make this video is because one of my subscriber “Muslehuddin Bilal” who asked
me to give a small review on my wrist watch. Thank you very much for the push to make this video
So I decided to make one video for my EDC Carry including my wrist watch and what I think about this watch and why I bought this
Please watch till the end as you may like this video.
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Now all the items you are watching here is usually in my pocket anytime
Now this is very specific to my needs
This is my watch about which I will tell you in a bit
This is my wallet, originally this is a card holder which I re purposed to carry my cash, cards, license, and identity card.
I now carry this wallet in front pocket of my pants so this is very convenient for me
Now another thing which is always in my motorcycle jacket is a flash light (torch).
I have approx. half dozen flash lights in my collection so I usually cycle through them
Now this is a simple lighter which I carry with me.
Yes I do smoke, but regardless I would have carried a lighter with me anyhow
Because you never know when it might come handy
Now this is my victorinox multi tool.
The specific model is different but the engraving is of camping I will mention the model on the video
It has 2 blades, I will make a separate video on this,
I will not go in details as this cannot be covered in this video
This is a very handy tool and
I have carried this with me since many years.
This one was a gift from a friend
my original one was stolen
These are keys for my motorcycle
this one is for my bike
this one is for the topbox
and this one is for wirelock,
, I also have a sim tool with me since couple of years now
This is a carabineer (hook) keychain which is also very handy
Now many of you might know what this is
Those who don’t let me tell you this is a paracord bracelet
I am very much into camping and survival gadgets (as I tour a lot)
This one I made myself
I bought paracord and these clips and made this at home
I have 2 bracelets which I usually wear
This one has 8 feet of paracord
which can come handy in different situations like shelter or any emergency
Now we come to the last item
this is Casio’s Illuminator wrist watch
Specific model AE 1200 WH
or many call this one CASIO ROYALE
Now this is not a very expensive watch
Ipurchased this one because 1) I like wrist watches a lot 2) I needed a beater watch.
It has 5 Alarms,
Different Time zones as you can see

it has stop watch, countdown timer
it has dual display clock for e.g if you are using a different time zone your home city will be here
It has calendar and 10 years of battery time
I like Casio because they make very reliable watches
in affordable prices
I like G-Shock very much because of this
I hope you liked this video. Please give me feedback about this

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Tactical Flashlight Headlamps Buy Best Price Online

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  1. Salaam n thank u for uploading this video. Very informative and its great to know ur interest in survival tools and gadgets. Keep it up👍

  2. Just one suggestion. Don't put hard metallic stuff like knife, keys etc in ur pockets while riding. Thank u

  3. Excellent work tamour bhai.
    Very informative video.
    I'm also belong to Team YBR karachi.
    Please tell me your Watch price, it's available in stainless Steel & where is Casio outlet in karachi.