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  1. In America it is Thanksgiving day. Wanted to wish your family all the blessings on this special Holiday. Thank you for your videos.

  2. If youre interested in a leather sheath/holster for your tn12 flashlights, there is a leather maker on ebay who makes excellent sheaths mainly for folding knives but offers a sheath for the fenix pd35 which has the same dimensions as tn12. wicekleather is the name, if you look up fenix pd35 sheath you will see them. It works awesome!

  3. try you a Olight s30r it comes with a charging dock its 1000 lumen I have the s30r s20r and the s10r and the st25 all are awesome lights I know you would love them

  4. Wako, I see that you've changed from a G25C2 mk2 to a TX25C2 for your mountain walking light. Why the change? I had a G25C2 (because of your recommendation) but lost it, & was going to purchase another because I loved it, but is there something you like more about the TX25C2?
    Also, what are your thoughts between the CREE XM-L2 vs XP-L HI?
    Thank you for your videos, I always enjoy them.

  5. are you going to check out the newest xpl hi flashlights

    like the armytek barracuda or something like the m3x javelot that boast over 700 meters in throwing distance

  6. Cool white is for home light bulbs and bathrooms, not tactical or for countryside/hunting. Just my Opinion.

  7. Agreed fully, cool white is less natural to the eye I've always hated it. All the kids today want cool white, it gives more lumen during measurement although it can be better in some conditions but neutral is best for everything. The warmer the light the better it cuts though moist air and slight fog. So neutral and better and warm is best for that task.

    Finally the 2016 version has come and finally there is a flashlight with perfect steps in the modes. Love that 150 lumen mode! So useful and long run time in that mode.

  8. Hello

    I have a Wizard pro xhp50 warm. Great headamp. I am trying to decide what would be a good throw light for it. Predator pro XP-L Hi warm or cool? Please help.

  9. Coolness usually refers to a blue tint, but it's the green tint that makes the PD35 suck IMO, it flattens colours even more than a blue tint. I like the TN12 NW, but it doesn't compare to the Convoy C8 with a T6-4C LED – colours look MUCH nicer with the warmer T6-4C, and the throw is better than the TN12. It's 1/3 of the price of the Thrunite, too, but a bit too bulky for pocket EDC. The Convoy S2+ is available with the same LED, that one is more comparable in size to the TN12. Check out that LED if you like a warm beam tint and great colour reproduction!