11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Headlamps Buy Today At Discount At 23:39

  1. I was looking at a DeWalt in the store 29 hours on low that's 2 nights of light or more not those expensive lights tuff as hell and real bad ass

  2. when would you want the light to point behind you
    that one 360 degree one doesn't seem that good

  3. My favorite is the Black Diamond Storm. Got it at REI for 50% off because it was the previous year’s model.

  4. I find a great headlamp, lower price, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CG66Q2G

  5. I got a Olight h1nova. Thing is badass. Used it for camping, work , and hunting. Love it and good for pocket carry edc.

  6. Foursevens is simple and versatile at the same time. I would like it if it wasn't such a hassle to buy (the head band comes separate in a "kit") and it's sold out or out of stock in most places!

  7. I am a industrial mechanic andఠఠ>share4.photo/Streamlights?his set up technician for my day job and a part time auto mechanic. A flashlight is my best friend. These little light are so handy because they let you use 2 hands while working on something. They don't really project a beam of light…more of a flood light, but they let you see in general. I always carry a regular light with me too, in case a need to take a close look at something. Overall, I would definitely buy another one of these.